We are planning several Challenges around the US in 2011. Each Challenge will be a little different, depending upon the event we are associated with. We are not racing for speed. It is competition to consume the least fuel - in dollars and cents. All Challenges will feature the kind of ride you would take for fun and relaxation. This is your invitation to challenge me in real riding conditions.
Quail Challenge:

Friday, May 13, 2011

The prestigious Quail Motorcycle Gathering, Carmel, California.

140 mile loop (approx) including laps around the Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca

The Route: 140 miles approx.

(depending upon how many times we ride around the track)

The Vetter Challenge at the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, Carmel, California, just may be the most beautiful Fuel Economy run in the world. We will be a part of the Quail Ride, a group of 50 riders, winding our way through the most beautiful roads of the Monterey Peninsula. Speeds for this event are a little slower than than normal because the official route will be climbing a mountain on the twisty-turny Carmel Valley Road to Greenfield and back. Last year, I got 90 mpg!

For your reference, earlier this year, visiting Brit journalist, Paul Blezard rode the Vetter Streamliner on the Official Route consuming $5.03. He rode way too fast. Still, it worked out to be 85.4 mpg. Pretty good. But I am sure I can do better because I expect we will be riding much slower.

The Vetter Challenge is pretty simple, really. Enter the Quail Motorcycle Gathering (below). We will start with a filled tank and ride with the group, at the speeds the group rides. Last year, we were led by a CHP Officer on a BMW.

I will be riding towards the rear. As always, you must stay in front of me. If you fall behind me, you disqualify yourself for riding too slow and drop out of the competition. Of course, you may continue with the ride and enjoy the rest of the Quail events. You just cannot be considered as a winner of the Challenge.

We will all get laps around Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and a catered lunch at the famous Corkscrew. On the way back to the Quail, we will fill up at the Mid-Valley Shell station. The winner will be the Challenger that consumes the least fuel - in dollars and cents. Official rules

Official Awards
For the first time ever, electric bikes will compete in a Vetter Challenge, against gas machines. Against Diesels. Nobody expects an electric bike to actually go 140 miles* at real highway speeds. Yet. But, how far can they go? The one that goes the farthest will be the winner.

* I have previously posted the 2011 ride to be 100 miles, more or less. But, last year, the ride was closer to 140 miles. The exact route is determined by the Quail officials. With California roads being closed because of local disruptions, be prepared.

More on the Quail Challenge, Friday May 13, 2011:

Fee is $250, paid to the Quail, includes the ride, breakfast at Edgars, lunch at Mazda Raceway and the fabulous banquet dinner Friday night. It also includes access to the Quail Motorcycle Gathering on Saturday. If you want to show your bike on Saturday, the $95 fee is waived. There is no additional charge for the Vetter Challenge.

The Vetter Challengers will ride with the Modern Motorcycle class riders (as opposed to with the Vintage riders.) At least, we should not be slowed down as much as last year.

Meet at Edgars Restaurant at the Quail 8 AM

Coffee and pre ride discussion. Come with your tanks topped off.

Depart 9:30 from the Quail

Finish Ride with lunch at Mazda Raceway, Laguna Seca

Stop at Mid Valley gas station, fill up, return to the Quail.

Grocery Bag check... see rules... The Challenge is over.

Formal dinner in the evening.

Display your machine all day Saturday

Vetter Challenge Winners will be announced

See you in Ohio for the next Challenge

Meet the Challengers:

The winners will be announced at the awards ceremonies Saturday afternoon.

Questions about the Vetter Challenge, contact me.

To register for the Quail Motorcycle Gathering, download the Quail Entrant Form.

Questions about the Quail, press passes, etc, contact them

Note: You must purchase a ticket for the Quail Ride in order to participate in the Vetter Challenge.
July 22, 2011: AMA Vintage Days Vetter Challenge, Lexington, Ohio
Official Rules for the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge
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