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1985: Open Class Final Results
The coast road was closed due to landslides so the first leg of the 1985 contest was a 62 mile loop as far into Big Sur as we could go and back to Carmel. This was a melancholy time as I figured that this might be our last contest. 90% of what we needed to know had been learned.

Twenty five years later, it just may be time to have another series of contests.

Official results of the 1985 Open Class Contest
#1 Matsu Matsuzawa: 470 mpg. Matsu stroked his 125cc Honda for more torque. For details on how Matsu did it, Click here. #2 Dan Hanebrink & Bobb Lebo: 261 mpg. Always a top competitor, the #1 plate alluded them. Click here for how Hanebrink did it.
#3 Fred Frank: 182 mpg. Honda CB 125
#4 Bryce Fowler: 145 mpg Yamaha XT 125
#5 Donna DeLeone: 107 mpg Honda XL-185
I thank you all for participating in what will be recognized as one of the most important motorcycle events of the 20th Century.

You have made motorcycle history.

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