70 years old... 48 years of designing... What happened?
I told a lot of stories*...
From my first motorcycle design for Bridgestone in 1964
To designing the Triumph Hurricane
To the Terraplane Sidecar To the Last Vetter Fairing
To the Windjammer Fairing
*These stories will be available on DVD if you missed them

I hosted the 2nd Vetter Fuel Challenge...

I got my annual brat and sauerkraut...

They don't have these in California

There were no Hall of Fame rings when I was inducted in 1999. We have come a long way.

Griff Allen led everybody in singing Happy Birthday to me.

Carol offered her services as Umbrella Girl to Dakota Dog in his Rocket 3

We thank you all for the best AMA Vintage Days ever!

I am honored to be a part of our great AMA!

November 16 & 17, 2012

Red Rock Hotel/Spa, Las Vegas, NV

Posted Aug 5, 2012

Updated Sep 27, 2012