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Posted June 30, 2015
To begin with, you must have a pass to Vintage Days to participate in Vintage Days activities and the Vetter Challenge. Purchase your pass on line or at the gate.
Edwin Cologne, Cinematographer and Editor from EOC Films will be documenting us

Friday, July 10

3-4 PM at the Big Tent

"Designing the Triumph Hurricane"

Craig Vetter

The Hurricane has been called "One of the sexiest designs of all time". And "one of the 100 best motorcycle designs of all time." It was included in the Guggenheim "Art of the Motorcycle" exhibit that toured the world.

I designed this motorcycle in the summer of 1969. Much has been written about this extraordinary project but, it is always fun for me to tell my stories. Besides, I am looking forward to seeing this new exhibit myself.

Saturday, July 11

10:30 to 11:30 AM at the Control Tower

"The State of the Electric Motorcycle"

Kraig Schultz

Kraig is one of America's electric motorcycle pioneers. To liven up his presentation, he has invited a panel of internationally respected experts:

Scot Harden: VP World Marketing, Zero Motorcycles

Tony Helmholdt: Tesla Regional Service Technician

Richard Goff: Ph.D Department of Engineering, Virginia Tech

Craig Vetter: Designer

We invite you to park your electric bikes at the base of the tower. Directly after Kraig's presentation, the track will allow motorcyclists to buy a ticket for a:

"Lap for History"

I plan to take a lap on my streamliner and invite you to join me. The cost is $10.

Saturday, July 11

3:30-4:30 PM at the Big Tent

"Streamlining and Fuel Economy"

Craig Vetter

Real streamlining can double the distance a unit of energy can take you at 70mph. How do we know this? What is real streamlining? What is it like to ride a streamliner? Why are our motorcycles and cars not streamlined today?

Gathered around the big tent will be the finest examples of road-going streamlined motorcycles in America. Alan Smith, Kraig Schultz, Vic Valdes and Fred Hayes will be on hand with their machines to answer your questions.

Last year some of these Challengers got 180mpg in real Ohio driving.

That translates to around 2 cents per mile

Compare that to 8-9 cents per mile for most bikes

See the complete results of the 2014 Vintage Days Challenge

Saturday, July 11

5 PM

Rider's meeting behind the Splash Harbor Comfort Inn

We will look at each other's creations, get to know each other and discuss the Vetter Challenge coming up Sunday morning. Of course, we'll do the "Grocery Bag" check. This is fun. Join us. All are welcome.

Challengers will receive these commerative stickers for their machines.

Sunday, July 12

10 AM

Vetter Challengers will depart from behind Splash Harbor

Arrive at 9:30 AM with your tanks filled. You will need to be wearing your track wrist band. You will be given maps of the route in case you get lost.

Read the Rules

AMA Ride Representatives Rob Baughman and Chris Harrison will lead us 77 miles to the AMA Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington. Each leg of the ride will include 10 miles or so of freeway.

When we arrive at the Museum, the electric bikes will probably want to plug in somewhere. The rest of us can also refill as ling as we hang onto receipts.

We will have a 1 1/2 hour break at the Museum. Challengers will be allowed in for free. I will give a short talk at the new Triumph Hurricane exhibit.  We will have plenty of time to eat lunch.  There are great restaurants nearby.

Upon returning to the gas station by Splash Harbor, we will fill our tanks. I will collect all the receipts and the Challenge will be over. It may take some time for the electric bikes to refill, which means we will not know the winners until the next day when they will be posted on my web page.

Again... all are invited to ride with us to see what is possible.

These seasoned Challengers (and others) are expected to be at Mid Ohio:

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