Chap. 89: Electric Terry Hershner likes to set records

Previous accomplishments

Riding an Iron Butt Event means riding fast and charging fast
In September of 2014, Terry rode 1000 miles in 24 hours to earn a place in the prestigious Iron Butt Organization.

The Iron Butt event was a race against time which meant that Terry needed to charge as fast as possible. For that ride, he carried a lot of chargers. Every 125 miles or so, Terry had to recharge. This reduced his average speed to 44mph. But with all the chargers on board, he charged quickly and he was fast enough to go 1000 miles in 24 hours.

Terry then set his sights on setting Distance Records.

How far could he go without charging?

The record people refer to is by a Tesla car went 423.5miles in 17hours in 2012.

That worked out to be about 25mph

Terry wanted to set records at real highway speeds

Long distance records require more batteries. More batteries means more weight. Over the winter of 2014-15, Terry reconfigured his trusty old 2012 Zero S ZF9 to carry more batteries.

He structurally reinforced his frame by bonding aluminum plates around the fork head. Then he installed the new, more robust, font-end assembly from the 2015 Zero.

To find space at the front for more batteries Terry widened the Streamliner nose and moved it forward 10" and down. He filled in the “Smiley Face” opening and then attached the Turret Top to the nose. This required him to extend the windshield back farther.

Terry now carried only (2) 18lb chargers because he would not need to charge during the ride. He installed (9) 60 pound, 3kW Lithium Ion Batteries totaling 27 kW hrs of power (more than Nissan Leaf.) Handling, it turned out, was now severely compromised:

“Moving the nose forward really hurt handling in side winds” Terry said. “It now tries to steer me. Not good.”

Further refinements include articulated side doors, a belly pan, and wheel covers. All these things added up to a machine that could go farther while consuming less energy.

To make access to storage easier, Terry made at top opening hatch. This hatch has turned out to be so convenient that Alan has already incorporated one onto his new LowBoy Ninja Streamliner.

Terry also modified himself, losing 20 pounds so he could carry more batteries:

Lightweight Terry and his heavyweight motorcycle

2015: Time for Electric Terry to set some records

204 miles in 3 hours averaging 65mph
Friday May 1, 2015: Terry rode 204 miles from Sears Point to Sacramento in 3 hours averaging 65mph. The longest he had ridden previously on one charge was 172 miles and that was at the 2014 Vetter Challenge from Bonneville to Tooele, Utah.

A 300mile record was next:

300 miles in 5 hours averaging 60mph

Thus May 7, 2015: Terry rode 300 miles from Santa Cruz to Chico in 5 hours, averaging 60mph.

Terry originally hoped go 250 miles but at the end, he had so much energy left in his batteries that he kept riding, extending his trip to 300.1 miles! Again, this was at California highway speeds.

Terry is now planning a 425 mile record ride. At highway speeds. Not 25mph. Stay tuned.

End Chapter 89

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Posted June 6, 2015