History of the Vetter Streamliner: 2008-2015
As of Feb 13, 2015
2008: I began with a stock, 17 hp Honda Helix. On a still day, a stock Helix might get to 72 mph. It generally got 62 mpg. But, not in "Vetter Conditions" because it is not streamlined.
2009: Fully streamlined, it would now easily go 75 mph and get 64 mpg in "Vetter Conditions". I love the storage capacity. But with the sides fulley covered over, sidewinds moved it more than I wanted. I made a gap in the center for air to blow thru.
2010: The inflatable tail has been replaced with a plastic tail. The windshield is now attached to the handlebars. Prius car headlights fit the streamline shape better but don't point in the right direction. Gears from Jan Vos of Belgium slow the engine down by 20%.
2011: I discovered Milk Carton Paper and experimented with covering the streamliner. The paper did not expand or shrink in the sun, either. It iturned out to be very durable, light and cheap. Milk Carton Paper looked very promising but I also wanted to checkout real aluminum.
2012: Aluminum turned out to be much heavier than the paper. I made a new turret top from aluminum. The nose was now fiberglass. Mike Corbin made the seat. I never could get the Prius lights to point straight forward and went back to using the standard Helix headlight buried in the nose.
2013: Altho it would go 80mph into headwinds, it was likely to blow its head gasket. I had to stop showing off.

It was dawning us all that the more powerful Ninja 250 with 25hp was a better choice. The electric Zero looked better, too. I spent my time helping those with more promising bikes.

2014: I slowed the engine down some more with Jan Vos gears. Now it would run 80mph all day without blowing head gaskets. I decided that the Helix was as developed as far as I could take it. I would save all future changes for a new Streamliner. Someday, this Streamlined Helix might find its way into a museum.
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Updated Feb 13, 2015

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