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My proposal to wean ourselves from foreign oil, to live within our budget of energy and and to inspire new industry in these United States

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Streamliner Kits are now available
The nose kit components and rear bulkhead for the Vetter Challenge Streamliner are now available.
The original Streamlined Rifle fairing from the '80s is still available, too
These high quality fiberglass components are the easiest way to begin making your Streamliner

Consider the following facts:

Horsepower consumes fuel

Less horsepower consumes less fuel.

Streamlining is round at the front and pointed at the rear.

The streamlined shape goes through the air with the least energy.

Streamlining allows less horsepower to push you through the air.

Less horsepower consume less energy

Fuel economy begins with streamlining and the right horsepower

The right horsepower is around 20-25

"Half the petroleum we use in our vehicles is imported. This is making us poor and them rich. The goal is to live better on less energy. Fuel economy begins with streamlining and the correct horsepower"

Craig Vetter

A feet-forward sitting position is easier to streamline

Pioneering "Feet-Forward" designs

Sitting up in a comfortable position puts us in a very comfortable "Lawnchair" position - with our feet out in front. Thus the name "Feet-Forward". Because we sit so much lower than a motorcycle, our frontal area is smaller. This makes it easier to streamline. A "Feet Forward" sitting position is the first step in streamlining. Take a peek at some of the Pioneer "Feet-Forward" Designers.

It is my hope that today's innovators in fuel economy will be inspired by "Feet-Forward" efforts. We should take advantage of their pioneering head start.

This DVD is good place to begin:

They won't tell you this in school

San Francisco, Oct 20, 2007. I made this presentation to the ICSID/ IDSA World Congress "Connecting '07"

Two HDTF cameras recorded the event. Professionally mastered.

This may be the most important resource on my website.

48 minutes long. Over 200 never before published high quality images including video.

Interviews with the winners tell us what worked and what did not work

Everything I know about these machines and their designer-builders is on this DVD.

Your better mileage project begins on this DVD
This video requires QuickTime to play. You can download it free from Apple's site here
"Popular Culture believes one thing...

The Truth may be something else."

470 mpg DVD $25 includes shipping 470 mpg DVD $30 includes shipping
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