The best and most proven shape ever created for efficiency

You want to experiment? This is the best way to begin.

This slippery body is the one Charly Perethian and I developed in 1983 for the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Contests. These are out of the ORIGINAL molds. It was used on all the highest mileage machines.
Important information: I do not mean to make this look too easy. Not everybody got 477 mpg. In 1983, Charly Perethian in the Rifle got 372 mpg. using this fairing. In 1984, Matsu Matsu got 377 mpg. and then 477 mpg in 1985, which was the last year I put on this contest.

Any improvement over the typical 43 mpg bikes get would be welcomed

The contestants have always been a little reluctant to reveal their secrets. You or I might not be able to get 400 mpg. But, we ought to be able to get better than 43. The above chart presents a good, basic beginning. What secrets did they have? I have interviewed each winner and will offer this info in a book. The world needs this information

Kit includes right and left side.

Construction: Base white gel coat; one layer of 2 oz. mat, one layer aircraft cloth, polyester laminating resin. My supplier makes his living making airplane components.

Total weight: 32 pounds (weight includes the extra flashing left on for convenient shipping)

Cost: $1350.00 FOB Salinas, California

This is a kit. Like a big model airplane. You should have experience with fibreglass or have a friend who is experienced. Sale is final. No returns. It would be better for us both to exchange e-mails first regarding the suitability of purchasing this. This is why there is no "Click here to buy" button.

If a streamlined body like this had been available, I would never have made it. You could not make your own for what you can buy this for.

The best shape for the TTXGP

You want to win a speed race? Streamlining will be essential. The Vetter / Rifle Streamlined body is the best way to begin.

Until Azhar Hussain and his Isle of Man TTXGP, the FIM would not allow you to be really streamlined. Now you have that opportunity. The Vetter / Rifle streamlined body represents the best place to begin. There is only one streamlined shape and this is it.

You could start from scratch, but why would you want to?


You probably have already figured out that getting this from California to you will be your first hurtle.

Pick it up in Salinas

You are encouraged to make an appointment and pick up your Streamliner kit in Salinas. It is made with a flat section along the bottom so it stands up like a motorcycle in a pickup or on a motorcycle trailer.

Crate and ship

You may pay extra to have it crated and shipped. There are craters in Salinas.

I can deliver, sort of

I sometimes travel cross country... usually on I-40 from Carmel to Grand Junction, Colorado. I would be happy to put it on my trailer and meet you along the way.

Several customers work together

The most economical way to get these shipped would be for several customers to band together and have a number of kits nested together and shipped to one common location. I will do my best to coordinate this for you.

Cut it in half and ship "UPS oversize:" It turns out that UPS will ship these things cut in half. This is probably a smart way to get your streamlined body since you will be cutting it in half in the same place, anyway.
Is this is your future?
Popular culture believes that Americans no longer want to make anything themselves... that they are happy to have somebody else do it for us.

I have never believed this. The US is full of capable and brilliant designers and dreamers. I encourage you to be one of them. You can do this.

Craig Vetter


Updated Feb 21, 2012