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Chrome Logo/Vetter Nameplates

The last Vetter Design Nameplates were made in 1978 and have become very rare. These are better than the originals.

I designed my "Spinning Wheel Logo" in 1966 to identify my designs.

When I sold Vetter Corporation at the end of 1978, I kept control of the logo because I had no control over the products anymore. The company could use up the existing inventory of "Logo-Vetter" badges but could not use the "Spinning Wheel" after that. This is why later products from Vetter just said "Vetter".

This is a re-issue of the famous Vetter logo that identified every Windjammer and all Vetter luggage components. It is better than my original because it is attached by 3M automotve adhesive. No more posts and clips.

A fully equipped Vetter bike might have as many as six badges.* Because we don't know how many you might need, we offer pricing with quantity discounts:

Number of Nameplates
Number of Nameplates
*(1) badge on the fairing, (2) on saddlebags, (3) on the Tail Trunk

Saddlebag Spring Clip Kits
Buried inside your Vetter Floating Mount Saddlebag Locking mechanism are two (2) spring clips. Their function is to squeeze over the mounting bullet and snap into its groove to keep the bag on. If the clip breaks, you can't remove the bags. A couple of owners have reported that after 30 years, a clip broke. We can't have this.

Without new springs, this would be difficult to repair. With the right parts, it is a snap. They turned out to be pretty easy parts to repo. We have provided this Spring Clip Kit with two new stainless steel spring clips (one for each saddlebag), stainless hardware and instructions for installation. Download a PDF of the Installation instructions. This is an easy job and just may keep you on the road another 30 years.

$25.80 includes shipping
$30.00 includes shipping

Original Snap Vents
 Snap Vents were popular options in Windjammer Fairings. And they are really wonderful, letting in fresh air on hot days. We are able to offer "better-than-original" SnapVents, now made of polycarbonate. They should last more than 20 years and should not yellow.

Before you order, click on this page. Vetter used two different styles of windshield vents. You may need to need enlarge your windshield holes 1/16".

US price

Pair of Snap Vents (2) US $43.50
(shipping cost included)

Outside US price

Pair of Snap Vents (2) Overseas $48.50
(shipping cost included)

Snap Vents can be installed in any plastic windshield or side window. You only need to buy a 3 1/4" holesaw and bore come holes where you want air to come in. ATV owners love them.

Windshield Bolt Kit
Black Nylon screws, washers and nuts as used on all Vetter fairings.

Note:   Beginning in 1978, all Windjammers used replacement windshields utilizing (2) black metal clips at the top instead of two upper screws. Always use clips at the top. Never drill extra holes in your windshield.

US / Canada $14.40
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $18.00
(shipping cost included)

New Windshield Clip Kits (complete with bolts)
The Story of Clips: Back around 1974, I noticed that if a windshield broke, the crack usually began one of the two top holes. I set about designing a method to eliminate these holes. These clips were the result. The government gave us a patent for them.
Beginning in 1978, we stopped drilling the two upper holes and secured the windshield with these clips.

The new clipped windshields fit all Windjammer Fairings, I, II, III SS, 4 and 5, Vindicators.

Once you install a windshield with clips, you will probably never have to replace a windshield again.

US / Canada $29.00
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $35.00
(shipping cost included)

Original Windjammer Windshield Foam Tape:

Appropriate for:

All Windjammer Fairings

All Vindicator Fairings

All Kawasaki - made-by - Vetter Fairings

Installation is easy:
Some Windjammers can be 36 years old! When you paint your Windjammer, it is nice to repalce the tired old foam. Now you can. This kit is new manufacture, black foam, made from new dies by the same person that made it originally - my brother, Bruce.

Bruce suggests that you use napha based lighter fluid to dissolve the old adhesive.

US / Canada $36.00
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $41.40
(shipping cost included)

Original Windjammer decal kits:
Kit comes with two original Vetter Design decals:
Test fit: backing is pre-cut for proper alignment
Peel off backing
Press on
Peel off carrier
And two Windjammer decals (choose your color):
Note: For convenience, we reproduce only the word Windjammer without any suffix.
US / Canada $28
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $34.00
(shipping cost included)




Specify letter color

Letter Color
Letter Color

Vetter Fairing Electrical Plug Kits
Original 9-Pin Plug Set
Sometimes when you acquire a used Vetter Fairing, you may not get the bike-side wiring harness. With this plug kit you can make your own bike-side harness. You get both male and female plugs which means you can rebuild the fairing-side harness too.

You may download the mounting instructions for your particular fairing to get the correct color code.

US / Canada $22.80
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $29.40
(shipping cost included)

Tail Trunk Bunkees!
These four rubber isolators are now available in this kit with self locking nuts. New manufacture, soft isolators that must be used under Tail Trunks.

Don't mount a Tail Trunk without Bunkees.

US / Canada $33.00
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $43.80
(shipping cost included)

Lowers Mounting Kit
All Windjammers after October 1973 had holes drilled for Lowers.  The holes were plugged with plastic caps, in case Lowers were not purchased at that time. When Lowers are installed, the customer removed the plastic caps, pushed in these rubber expansion nuts and bolted his Lowers on.

After 30 years, the rubber nuts have become hard and won't expand. This kit includes new manufacture rubber nuts, washers and stainless steel screws, better than original. When you install Lowers, you will probably need this mounting kit.

You need this kit to mount Lowers to your Windjammer
US / Canada $33.00
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $42.00
(shipping cost included)

Edging Replacement Kit

Appropriate for:

All Windjammer Fairings (except Windjammer 1)

All Vindicator Fairings

All Vetter fairings beginning with the Windjammer II of 1973 were made of ABS plastic. Since no existing adhesive would stick to it, we had Hotcha Glue formulated especially for us. Vetter Hotcha Glue is extremely expensive stuff but is indispensible in repairing ABS plastic. We are the only source for it. Order in one of three packages:
New manufacture Edging Kit:

Everything to replace your old edging

New Genuine exact pattern and texture chrome fairing edge strips, suitable to re edge any Windjammer from 1973 on. This edging is brand new, gleaming, soft and supple. Kit includes instructions and enough adhesive (3 oz glue, 1 1/2 oz catylist) to install edging on one fairing*.

Hotcha adhesive is formulated to bond the materials together that make up a Vetter fairing. It does not "dry". It "sets up" in about 15 minutes because it is "2-part" Hotcha Glue has never been available at stores and is available only here.

US / Canada $74.40
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $81.95
(shipping cost included)

Edging "Plus" Kit

Includes more edging and more Hotcha adhesive for lowers

Same as above, new Genuine exact pattern and texture chrome fairing edge strips, brand new, gleaming, soft and supple. Kit includes an extra strip of Edging and enough adhesive (4 oz glue, 2 oz catylist) to install edging on one fairing plus a set of Lowers.
US / Canada $98.50
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $112.50
(shipping cost included)

Hotcha Repair Kit

Can be used to repair any product made of ABS. In fact, this may be the only kit in the world that can repair ABS plastic

Hotcha Repair Kit is what you need if your fairing has developed a crack. Works on any ABS fairing, which is about all of them, these days. Kit comes enough adhesive (4 oz glue, 2 oz catylist) and scraps of ABS plastic to pretty much repair any problem.
US / Canada 85.25
(shipping cost included)
Overseas $98.45
(shipping cost included)
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