Take the guesswork out of ordering windshields for Vetter fairings:
We are sorry that we will no longer be offering windshields in the USA. Try Chrome World for USA orders. However, we can still offer them to our overseas customers.

Any windshield listed here will fit any Windjammer*. All windshields are of the "Clipped Design", meaning no holes are drilled at the upper sides. All Windjammers made after September, 1977 (SS, 4 and 5) came with clipped windshields. Earlier Windjammers will accept these clipped windshields with no modifications.

All windshields listed here come standard with windshield clips and new plastic screws.

Windshields drilled for vents come with Snap Vents. Vent holes are drilled for the 3 1/4" diameter holes. (3 1/4" is the size of the vents we sell as replacements.)

*Vetter Vindicator and Vetter-made fairings for Kawasaki also use any of these windshields

Note: If you make a mistake in ordering your windshield, we will not be able to take it back. Be careful and make sure you are ordering for a genuine Vetter Fairing. There were many Vetter-copiers. Check your serial number against those on:

Every Vetter Fairing Made

This page posted July 4, 2008

Updated Feb 22, 2011