Meet Carol Vetter
I am proud to introduce the bride of my youth, the mother of our children and your personal contact at Vetter Design Works, Inc.
I spotted her at my 30th birthday in 1972. She was a blonde. Her name was Carol Lumkes. Hubba hubba!

(Yes, that is famous writer, Tod Rafferty staring at us)

She liked my Rickman so I taught her how to ride
If it involved motorcycling, Carol was there.
In no time, she had her own Honda!
Carol became in charge of developing Vetter dealers. It was her job to decide who would be a Vetter Dealer and who would not.
I was smitten
We were married in 1977
Carol has been my inspiration ever since
What a Babe!
We have been blessed with two wonderful boys, Zak and Morgan.

They are born motorcyclists.

It doesn't get better than this.

We began to be contacted by Windjammer owners for restoration parts.  Because of the internet, it was easy to provide them for you.  We want to do everything we can to keep our products on the road. Carol is a key person in helping to make this happen.

Carol Vetter. Talking. On the salt at Bonneville in 2008. One of her favorite activities
When you send an order through PayPal or when you send an E mail and get a response from:

You are dealing with Carol Vetter

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