The New Challengers for 2011
Jack McCornack

Home: Oregon

Specialty: Design and development; aircraft, cars and motorcycles

Home Page: Kinetic Vehicles

His ride: "MAX" Diesel car

July 11, 2011 Jack says: "I've been working on a 100 mpg goal. It's not there yet--at least not the way I normally drive--and won't get even close under Vetter conditions (you go faster than I usually go), so it can serve as a counterpoint to show the advantages of bikes for single person transportation efficiency. But I shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with the pack, and I can carry lots of groceries. :-)

"I do hope to have a bike or trike as a Craig Vetter Challenge entry next year, but for now I've got MAX. It'll be an interesting comparison."

Craig says: Deep down inside, I think it will be easier to streamline a 4 wheeler. We appreciate your coming, Jack. I have heard a lot about you.

Kyle Ginaven

Home: Ohio

Specialty: Engineering student

Home Page:

His ride: 1989 Suzuki Katana 600

Preliminary Specs;
~430lb bike
8 to 9kWh of Lithium batteries (NCM and LiCo chemistry)
Agni 95R motor
Alltrax 7245 or Kelly 400A PM controller
75mph geared top speed
100mile range expected at 45mph

I have an electric motorcycle that I would like to enter. It is a converted 1989 Suzuki Katana 600. I finished it last summer, but have been performing some battery and other upgrades which should be finalized soon. I am currently an engineering student at Ohio State and classes this summer are slowly my progress a bit.

Alan Smith

Home: California

Specialty: Engineering, Design, motorcycling

Home Page:

His ride: Ninja 250

Other appearances: SLO Challenge

June 21, 2011: Alan is riding this bike to the Mid Ohio Challenge

June 26, 2011 Alan reports: Today is my first day of my cross country trip on my Ninja 250 (en-route to the Vintage Days Vetter Challenge) So far everything is going smoothly. A couple of unexpected cross wind gusts caught me off guard, nothing bad.

Fuel economy of first day:

89.248 MPG: 259 mi/ 2.902 gal. Sea level to Sonora Pass, 9624 feet). Also rode over two other passes above 8,000 feet. June 26, 2011

95.629 MPG: 144.4 mi/1.51 gal. Final leg to Tonopah, Nevada. Cruise speeds 65-70 in the open areas. June 26, 2011
Next day ride to Saint George, Utah to visit friends.

Charly Perethian commented: That's outstanding mileage Alan. My Ninja 250 [2nd gen] on a trip of comparable speeds only got mid 70's. I was disappointed and sold the bike. What I wanted was more a low rpm torque motor [like a diesel]

I asked Mike Kneebone about 250's in the Iron Butt and he said it had been done with a Ninja 250 and a stock Honda Helix. Later

Craig says: Aha! A scooterized Ninja or Hayes Diesel is the future.

The legendary Charly Perethian is going to challenge us at Mid Ohio!
Charly Perethian is one of the earliest pioneers of Fuel Economy. He won three of those famous Vetter Ful Economy Contests of the 80s. He designed that first fairing body of 1982 that became the "Rifle Streamliner" kit of 1983.
Charly Perethian

Home: Georgia

Specialty: Design, road racing, business

Home Page:

His ride: Honda NX250

Other appearances: Fuel Economy

Charly Perethian's NX250

Kraig Schultz:

Home: Michigan, USA

Specialty: Articulated electric cycles

Home Page:

His ride: Delta 11... Making it himself

Other appearances:

Mid-Ohio 2009

Kraig Schultz' Delta 11
Kraig is in the Midwest so I don't expect to see him at the Quail. But, he did share some interesting pics for us of his clever "Upsey-Daisey" seating:
Sitting high makes it easier to get on and off. Rider has a better view in slow, city traffic. Also make rider more visible to oncoming traffic.
Sitting low at speed for better aerodynamics and long distance comfort. I like solutions to real problems.
Kraig superimposed his Delta 11 2-wheeler over my Streamliner.
Kraig says: "The rider can move from Cruiser riding posture to recumbent rider position while riding down the road. (I will have the seat release switch mounted on the handlebars.) I will mechanically link the seat with the sliding side doors to make the sides open and close based on the seat position. This means, that the rider will be able to put his feet down ONLY when in the unright/cruiser riding position. (This is actually a good thing, because putting your foot down in the recumbent position on a moving motorcycle is a good way to have your leg ripped off).

Another feature that might not jump out at you is that the front wheel is riding inside a Spherically shaped "fender". This allows the openings in the fairing to be much smaller than normally possible. I have an agreement with Charles Bugni (pronounced "Boo-Nay") to use this patented technology.

Charles Bugni

Home: Washington state

Specialty: Design, business

Home Page:

His ride: Kawsaki 250

Other appearances: Fuel Economy

Bungi's streamlined 250 Kawasaki: The front wheel is inside a ball turret which is about the only way I know to keep the air smooth around the turning wheel. Another very clever solution to a real problem!

Official Rules for the Craig Vetter Fuel Economy Challenge
July 22, 2011: AMA Vintage Days Vetter Challenge, Lexington, Ohio

Questions about the Vetter Challenge, contact me.

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