Chapter 43: The Vetter Streamliner Kit is coming
Streamlining is easy to say but hard to do. I am going to make it easy for you.

Pages from a designer's notebook Aug 12, 2011

If you can build a model airplane, you will be able to build a full sized Vetter Streamlined Body. Aluminum components Pop rivited together will allow you to generate a perfectly aligned, strong and lightweight Streamlined structure.

The World's First Streamliner Kit. Now you will be able to experiment!

Play movie of rotation

Available soon: Printed on paper or pre-cut aluminum

Build the tail or build the nose. Or both.

Kits will be available in two forms: Parts printed on paper, ready to glue onto a sheet of aluminum. You cut the parts out with a band saw or saber saw.

Or, you may order the aluminum parts already pre-cut.

Either way, you will be able to generate perfectly fitting parts - generated from a CAD file - for a wrinkle-free surface.

Streamlined Body
Removable Tail
Streamlining was never easier. Carrying groceries was never easier.

Streamliner Nose Kit: Designed to accept the very streamlined Prius 2004-2006 headlights - which come with built - in turn signals! $140 a set with free shipping on EBAY. Try to buy any motorcycle headlight / turn signal for $140. Try to find headlights that are streamlined.

Kits will come with the hard-to-find parts

Otherwise, they will use locally available materials whenever possible

Designed to be shipped US mail or UPS.

Lets see what we have here...
Nose kit assembled
Tail kit pieces cut and ready to assemble
This is what my streamliner kit parts look like. You need a 1/4" drill with an 1/8" bit and a Pop riviter. A flat surface and aircraft Cleco clamps make the job easier.
First Vetter Streamliner Nose Kit being assembled
Fred Hayes and Joshua Chen helped me to refine the Helix streamlining, translating the aluminum components into perfect CAD files. Assembly is now accurate and easy.

It is time to see how the Vetter Streamliner Kit fits the various machines. Treven Baker rode his Diesel over... Alan Smith rode his Ninja. We did some test fitting:

Aug 23, 2011: Treven Baker's Diesel
We slipped the Streamliner Nose bulkhead over the front wheel for a trial fitting. Notice that Treven has his feet in a forward position for comfort. It looks very promising.

Through the magic of PhotoShop, below, I added the rest of the streamlined components from my Helix:

Vetter streamlining PhotoShopped over Treven Baker's Diesel
Treven's 64" wheelbase is only 1" less than my Helix but it looks so much longer because of its big wheels. Treven's wheels are 19" as compared to the Helix 10" front and 12" rear. We need to figure out how to move Treven forward and shorten the body. PhotoShop makes it easy.
Moving Treven forward about 3" helps a lot.

I think he needs to move forward a couple more inches more. Hopefully, Treven will decide this is the way to proceed. Forward controls and a floorboard will make this possible while enhancing streamlining.

Of special concern is the where the bottom of the Prius headlights are with respect to the big front wheel. We don't want the wheel snagging the lights. This looks like it will be close but OK.
We put Vetter Streamliner Kit #1 on Alan Smith's Ninja.

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