Chapter 61: Decisions made

Christmas Day, 2012

I thank you all for your kind input. A month ago, in this web page, I asked for your advice as to which of the following projects - if any - I should finish.

About 1/3rd want me to finish the Alcan fairing

1/3rd want me to finish the Streamliner

1/3rd say "Write your book"

I sensed that many want the Streamliner and Alcan but only a few seem to be interested in making them from kits. You mostly say, "If the Streamliner or ALCAN fairings were made for me, I might buy it. But, I don't have the ability, tools or workshop to make these things myself."

As much as I like manufacturing, and would love to manufacture for you, I don't want to begin another manufacturing company. Therefore, unless something changes, here is what I have decided to do:

The ALCAN Fairing:

Finishing the Alcan Fairing moves to the bottom of the list. For anyone who wants an Alcan Fairing, we are removing #10 from Carol's BMW and selling it. It is just too big for her. The first person with $1000 can buy Carol's #10 Alcan fairing, as is plus shipping. Contact us for other prices.

You may buy Carol's BMW and / or #10 Alcan Fairing

Streamliner Kit parts:

Nose parts are available now: The nose is the hardest part to make. These are the same nose pieces that are on my Helix and Alan's Ninja. I already have the nose mold, so this is easy . You need two parts from that mold to make a nose. The mold is rough, meaning you will have to do extra work to make your nose perfect. If Alan and I could make them work, you probably will be able, too.

Cost for streamliner parts: I am being charged $500 a set for the nose halves. Since the molds are not as perfect as I like, I will sell a set of two for $750 plus shipping. At least you can begin with a proven shape.

Contact Carol to have a set made for you.

Existing nose parts: $750 per set of two halves.
Watch Vic Valdes assemble a nose kit on his Ninja
Tail Parts: Very few people are interested in the actual fiberglass parts that I had planned to make for the tail. I guess you figure you can make it without fiberglass parts, like Alan and I did. Therefore, I don't plan to spend any time on making any molds for the tail parts.
The Book: My book moves to the top of the list.

A little taste of my book is told in the Making of the Windjammer. I just added Chapter 3 and 4.

So, there you have it. You know what I plan. Now you can plan, too. Thank you for all your kind advice. I trust that I will be seeing more of you at the Vetter Challenges of 2013 and we will all have a Happy New Year.


Below: my questions for you posted November 30, 2012

I am now 70 years old. Time is running out for your motorcycle designer. I need your help to make some decisions.

Which of the following projects do you want - if any?

The Vetter Streamliner Kit that allows your bike to get 100 mpg

My ALCAN Fairing Kit which is a modern Windjammer

My book (s) featuring stories of motorcycle design

The five major fiberglass parts needed to build your own streamliner

I have spent the past 5 years developing the Last Vetter Fairing. I know what to do for best mileage, comfort and desirability and this is it. It is time for you to decide if you want one. It is time for me to decide whether or not to make it for you. The molds don't exist yet. If enough of you are interested in buying this kit, I will spend the winter finishing the molds. The shape is for a 24" wide streamliner. The length is variable.

Can you make a better one? I doubt it. I began work on this at the end of 2007. Read all 60 Chapters of its development.

Can you do it better? I doubt it.

I just need to know if you are likely to buy this kit.

The Last Vetter Fairing
This is the best fairing I have ever designed. It makes the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. It carries the biggest load. It burns the least fuel. I have one on my Honda Helix which gets 80-90 mpg in real 70 mph riding. Alan Smith has one on his 250 Ninja which gets closer to 100 mpg.

If you want a Streamliner Kit, please let me know. If enough are interested, I will make the parts for you. If not, I will cease further development. This is the last fairing I will design.

Next in line for my attention is the Alcan Fairing Kit. Its parts are similar to those of the Streamliner, above. Finished, it would be a modern, Windjammer-like fairing, but scaled up to fit the much larger motorcycles of today. The Windjammer won't fit today's giant bikes. The ALCAN will.

Last, and probably my most important responsibility is to finish writing my book.

ALCAN: The "Next to the Last Vetter Fairing
I cannot finish all these projects.

Which one would you want?

Let me know by Christmas, 2012

Contact me

I will be asking the Lord God for His direction. He cares about all our decisions. Nothing is too small or trivial to Him

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