Terry Hershner just completed the Iron Butt ride:
Updated Sep 24, 2014
1000 miles in 24 hours on his Vetter Streamlined Zero

1 PM, Monday, Sep 15, 2014, Electric Terry Hershner left San Jose, California, to ride 500 miles to the Mexican Border. He returned to San Jose within 23 hours. On electricity. By himself.

No electric motorcycle has done this before

Michael Kneebone, Iron Butt President, wrote:

"Welcome to the twisted world of being an Iron Butt Association member! Congratulations on the electric Saddlesore 1000. We thought it would take a few more years to pull off!"

Terry will get this special license plate frame. It is big. How are we going to fit it into the streamlining?
A little bit about Terry Hershner:

Terry was living in an off-the-grid house in Florida, converting Diesels to his own concoction of bio-Diesel. He bought his 2012 Zero S and becme enamoured with its possibilities.

At the beginning of 2013, I heard that he was riding to California and going to try to set a record for electric machines. I chased him down and offered to help him put my new Streamlining on his bike. I knew from the Vetter Challenges that the streamlining could double the distance Terry's bike could go with the same battery.

Alan Smith, builder and rider of the top Gas Challenger at the Bonneville Challenge put in many hours of his time, sometimes at the cost of finishing his own bike, a Streamlined Ninja 250. Students from Virginia Tech helped. We worked alongside ech other building Terry's bike.

The folks at the Zero factory began to take an interest. At the end of May last year, Terry crossed the US in just under six days. By himself. From charge station to charge station.

For the next few months, Terry was plagued with problems and failures. Finally, he won his first Vetter Fuel Challenge in August of 2014.

A month later he completed his Iron Butt 1000 miles in 24 hours, described here.

The highlights of Terry's 1000 mile ride

He rode 70% of time and charged 30% of the time

The bike: Vetter Streamlined 2012 Zero S

The trip: Departed ChargePoint Headquarters 1 PM on Monday Sep 15, 2014, rode to the Mexican border and arrived back at ChargePoint noon the next day. He rode1,046 miles in 22 hours 57 minutes

Energy consumption: 126.883 kWh, or 121 Wh per mile at 75 mph average.

Total fuel cost: $21.43 in electricity. Note that Terry paid no road tax. In Vetter Challenges, he would have had to add in road tax. California road tax is around 70¢ a gallon. In all fairness, Terry should be adding around $7.00 to his cost for taxes. That is the road tax I would have paid riding my 100mpg Streamlined Honda Helix.

Special equipment: 21 kWh of batteries and 24 kW of chargers giving him a 200 mile range if pushed. Terry stopped at 9 ChargePoint stations. Recharging took about an hour each stop.

Readers comments:

Mike Thompson (comment on Off The Grid post): "If Terry can ride electric to Mexico, I'm sure others will learn they can ride to work on Electric."

Ryan Biffard (comment on Off The Grid post): "This is almost unbelievable. When that bike was first made in 2012, nobody would have ever suspected such a feat was possible, and here you are 2 years later getting the job done. I am very excited to see what you can do over the next 2 years! Congratulations."

Bob Messer: (Comment on Off The Grid): "Incredible, Terry. Just plain incredible. I've done several Iron Butt rides, but what you're doing today is just amazing."

Follow Terry's progress live on FaceBook

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Terry's GoPro Video: 24 hours in 6 minutes

Experience the ride yourself. Note the speeds and times. Wow!

We fussed over Terry's Zero for months getting it ready to make motorcycle history.

It was a lot of work but we love it. Read the stories:

Building and Re-building Terry's Streamliner

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