Fred is a long time motorcycle competitor, having worked with John Penton in the late 70s. Soon he was able to use use his enduro talents to design and convert KLR 250s and KLR650s Kawasakis for the military.
A batch of KLR650s converted into the "M1030 B2 Military Motorcycle."

Fred started militarizing KLR250s in 1981.  He figured out how Diesel-ize the KLR650 in 1998. His company, HDT beat out H-D and KTM to make the multi-fuel Diesel motorcycles the military wanted.

Fred grew to love Diesels. When finally developed, his Diesel KLRs operated just like their gas bike counterparts.


By 2010, Fred Hayes had done everything he could for the military. He sold his company and moved from California to the rolling hills of Missouri. Now he could get serious about setting Diesel records at Bonneville on his shiney olive drap HDT Diesel.

His bikes got prettier and prettier. Faster and faster. He set more records:

He became known as "Diesel Fred"

After his Bonneville runs, he simply puts saddlebags on to carry the groceries and sets records at the Vetter Fuel Challenges.

This is a happy man.

Look at the company he is with:

Thank you, Fred. We couldn't do this without you.

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