Most people know Mike Corbin because of the seats he makes for motorcycles. His reputation is well earned. However, unless you actually visited his factory in Hollister, California, you would be missing what makes this man so extraordinary.

Mike loves his customers. If you schedule a visit, he is likely to be there to meet you... discuss your plans... help you decide.

Some people come un announced because they are not sure of what they want. Others order ahead because the components need to be made for them. Many want more than seats. They could include fairings, saddlebags and everything in between. Mike color matches everything. Sometimes the installation can take a few hours.

For those, Mike has provided his "Wizard's Cafe"

The "Wizard's Cafe" features really good American food in a glitzty restaurant built around a Corbin Merlin, bolted upside down in the ceiling. After a factory tour, it is a good place to spend your time.

Mike doesn't just stay at his factory. He has become a part of the local "Establishment". Back in 2000, he was instrumental in reviving the infamous Hollister Rally. At any Hollister event, the Corbin factory is the center of motorcycling:
July 4th, 2015 at Mike's Rider Appreciation Day, a new and special Vetter Fuel Challenge will leave the Corbin factory for a 100 mile loop. The goal will be to see who consumes the least amount of energy as measured in dollars and cents.

This brings us to the present:

Mike Corbin's passion has always been electric vehicles:

At his Rider Appreciation Day July 4th, Mike will unveil and ride his newest creation in the Vetter Challenge

The Sparrow II

The Sparrow II embodies some very clever thinking. I thought you'd like to see how it is designed.

Maybe as important... the Sparrow is going to be very cute.

Mike and his Sparrow II will be ready July 4th to compete in the Vetter Challenge.

He could win.

Come ride with us.

See what this is all about.

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