John Ousterhout is a rocket scientist
Updated Jan 31, 2015
He is also a chicken farmer in central Washington state:

Chicken-poop bio-Diesel:

"I've been making my own biodiesel since 1999.  About 2006 I realized I wasn't riding my 1971 gas-powered Moto-Guzzi much because my biodiesel VW got the same mileage.  The obvious way to get even better mileage was with a biodiesel motorcycle.  Since I couldn't buy one, I set out to build one."

Craig says: "I am impressed. Many of us talk about doing this but John Ousterhout is the only one I know personally who actually does it"

Chicken poop goes, Bio-Diesel comes out. Looks like a little electricity might be needed.
The Diesel engine:

"The engineis a 28 hp 950cc Diahatsu 3-cylinder, water-cooled diesel. I bought it new through Briggs & Stratton - it's used here in the US in large commercial lawn mowers.  It's a commercial engine based on a small automotive engine found in small cars overseas but not here."

It looks like it belongs there, doesn't it?
Be patient. More soon.

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