These seasoned Challengers (and others) are expected to be at Mid Ohio:

updated April 28th 2016
2016 Planned Competition Route
Saturday, July 9th, 5pm, Splash Harbor

Riders pre-meeting/Tech inspection of bikes for cargo carrying ability, review route, safety requirements, etc.  Dinner at local restaurant afterwards.

*note to meet behind the building

Sunday, July 10th, 7:30am, Splash Harbor

Gather for Challenge ride at Splash Harbor.  All bikes fuel systems are topped off and odometers zeroed out.


Sunday, July 10, 8am, Departure

Leave Splash Harbor, travel to Centerburg Memorial Park.  Distance approx. 40 miles rural riding.

9:00 Centerberg Memorial Park
Electric Bike Re-Charging

Continental Breakfast (as laid out for riders by pit crew before riders arrive).
Video each rider giving 5 minutes presentation on their bike
Group Picture
Open group discussion / networking for 30 minutes.

10:30am Leave Memorial Park

Travel to AMA Museum.  Distance approx. 40 miles of mixed rural and highway riding.

Electric Bike Re-Charging at Museum and AMA Administration Building
Program for public/media presented (Awards and/or recognition given for past events, Special video session with Craig Vetter)
Pictures and interviews with media 
Tour Museum  
Lunch (Pizza)
Collect data from all electric riders on electric usage and distances.
11:30am Arrive at AMA Museum
1:00pm  Depart AMA Museum for Splash Harbor

Return ride to Shell Station at Splash Harbor via same route. The bathroom break at Centerburg Memorial Park will be approximately 10 minutes. About 80 miles of mixed highway and rural riding with no charging time for electric bikes.

SHELL gas Station next to Splash Harbor:
Re-fueling for Gasoline and Diesel Bikes
Collect receipts and mileage totals from each bike rider

Kraig Schultz has built a page of his own covering more details about the event which can be reached below.

Craig Schultz Page on the 2016 Ohio Vetter Fuel Challenge