Donna Bohner Pearson remembers Clyde

Jan 19, 2010

Dear Craig and Carol,

This is an awesome tribute to your father that deeply touched my heart. Your dad was indeed a “giant” in many ways (I had forgotten the height difference with your mom until you pointed that out, but visions certainly flooded back) with so many amazing accomplishments. It’s easy to see now how his son Craig has also had an amazing life.

Thanks for sharing all this for those who are grieving with you. The pictures brought back memories of the wonderful Christmas I shared with your special family in their Illinois home and how your family filled in the hole of not being able to be with my family at that time of year. It was a fun time with some different experiences (riding your flying machine on the frozen river)! Come to think of it, I’ve not been in Illinois since then.

Am wowed at all you did so soon. Having lost my dad just a few months ago, I appreciate the state of shock to the system and how it numbs you, especially when it comes unexpectedly as did mine. I should add that the couple of one-on-one times I had with your mother both in Alaska and in Illinois also remain impressed in my memory as her being a special woman with wisdom. It’s also stunning to know you are now at the top of your family line; or as I was told, am now “the matriarch,” and now you “the patriarch” of your family.

Donna and Carl

Anchorage High School friends

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Jan 20, 2010