England, 2009

Beezumph and the 50th Anniversary of the Triumph Bonneville

The TR3OC and Triumph Owner's clubs brought my design models home from America's AMA Hall of Fame Museum
The bike on the right was commissioned by Triumph in 1972 to correct and replace the problems caused by the "High Frame " Bonneville of 1971. I was asked to redesign it to be the Bonneville of 1974. Instead, it became the T160 of 1975.

The story of the Bonneville TT's development is told elsewhere on this website. Here we will discuss the role the bike played at the 50th Anniversary of the Bonneville at Gaydon.

First, the bike had to be shipped from the AMA Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio, USA where it is a permanent part of the collection.

Martin Kerwin, Social Secretary for the Triumph Owners' Motor Cycle Club carefully peels away the bubble packing from the 1972 Vetter Bonneville TT model. Altho it began as a real motorcycle, most of the parts are "make believe" and very fragile. I was the only person qualified to know where to push. without breaking something. John Young awaits the verdict. All was well. The bike arrived in perfect condition.
The Heritage Motor Centre: Centre of activity. Some 3,000 Bonnevilles surrounded this fabulous facility which has a cafe, auditorium and great displays of British motoring history
I spent my time with the streamliners... "Round at the front, pointed at the rear"
Katy Wood represented the AMA at the Centre. She came away with some good ideas.
My 1972 Bonneville TT was supposed to replace the high-frame Bonneville. But it became theTriumph T160 of 1975 instead.
I told the story of how this happened, for the first time, to over 600 Bonneville enthusiast.
Vetter Bonneville TT of 1972
Triumph T-160 of 1975
Of course, the story will unfold here as I generate future web pages. Professional videographers documented the presentation so it will be available on DVD soon. Stay tuned.
Then came the hard part...
Martin wanted me to pick out my favorite Bonneville for an award.

3,000 Bonnevilles? And I am to pick out my favorite?

Well Carol and I had fun. They were laid out by the year with a whole row of first year, 1959 T-120s.

I had never seen so many. Neither had my Brit friends.

A whole row of 1959 T-120s!
We helped give out awards and then it was over. Thank you, Triumph Owners's Club for this wonderful experience. Look at Martin Kerwin... is this a happy man?
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