Highlights of Beezumph 17, August 2008
Werewolf of London? No... Dave Aldana of America
Once a year, the TR3OC (Trident Rocket 3 Owners Club) rents the beautiful Cadwell race track in England, and Triple owners from all over the world meet with their Triples. This year, they outdid themselves by inviting the 1971 American Match Race Racers back for a reunion.

Because of our involvement with the triples, Rob North and Carol and I were there, too.

America's greatest: Dick Mann, Dave Aldana, Don Emde, Don Castro and Gene Romero: Trans-Atlantic Match Team Racers of 1971
These guys were so happy to see each other and talk racing. Their English fans could not believe what was happening at their home track. Most had only read about these heroes. They were very surprized at how "regular" and friendly the Americans were.

Meantime, the wives got to know each other. Left to right: Kay Mann, Carol Vetter, Sue Aldana and Sherry Romero

Rob North built all the race frames for the factory BSA and Triumph Triples. Here he points out the features of his design on John Young's BSA Triple to Don Castro.
This is all that is left of the Meriden Triumph factory... a monument. Suburban homes have taken over. Left to right: North, Romero, Vetter, Castro and Emde. Beezumph club members took good care of us.
Of course, we all wanted to see the Americans ride again and they did not disappoint us
Dave Aldana, Dick Mann, Don Emde, Don Castro and Gene Romero
Local club enthusiasts provided replica racers. The leathers will be auctioned off by Beezumph.
The American Team looked great!
Our English hosts were great!
Sonia Young and the Beezumph club kept us fed. Chairman, John Young beamed.
Carol looked cute on a Hurricane. I told stories about Triples.
The American Trans Atlantic Team of 1971 grinned and signed memorabilia.
The highlight was when members of the English and American teams told stories about those events so many years ago.
After racing around the track, the only injuries to the Americans were when Gene Romero fell down the steps of the hotel and scraped his arm. I got a big knot on my wrist when Carol and I collided in the kid's bouncy thing.
You can see what an honor it was to be in the presence of these great motorcycle racers. I hope, too that you get some sense of how special the Beezumph club treated us. The English are indeed, gracious hosts.
Carol and I want to thank Sonia and John Young for their personal efforts... especially for taking us into Europe after Beezumph 17 to visit the places we only dreamed about.
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