2002: A Summer of Hurricanes

Hall of Fame Concours, October 19, 2002
How is this for a rare sight? A Mystery Ship, three Triumph Hurricanes and an original BSA Rocket 3! What we have here are some of the motorcycles that appeared at the AMA's First Annual Hall of Fame Concours.

You can see here the influence of "tail-dragger" airplanes in Vetter designs. It is an agressive stance... poised to take off.

All three Hurricanes were in beautiful condition. But John Helwig, left, had the best of show. Mystery Ship #6 (numbered by their manfacturing sequence back in 1980-1) was brought in by R. L. Brooks. Incredibly, #6 has been stored at Coleman''s Motorcycle Shop in Virginiana and has "0" miles on it!

I understand it is for sale. 703-430-8078.

Only ten were made!

Baxter Days Days Marnie,

Iowa, Aug. 17, 2002

Marnie, Iowa, about 50 miles East of Omaha, is about two blinks long and the home of more Triumphs and parts than you can imagine.

Enthusiastic riders from as far away as Texas ride in to talk Triumphs . Triumph even sent their big black semi-truck there loaded with new demo Triumphs.

Congratulations, Randy and Kenner. Baxter Days is worth the trip for anyone who likes Triumphs and friendly company.
Count them: Six Hurricanes! This means that Mr. Randy Baxter,and his wife Kenner, have organized the biggest collection of Triumph Hurricanes in the US at their "Baxter Days". Watch out England!

Frank Powelson of Brooklyn, MI walked away with first prize for his beautiful 1973 Triumph Hurricane.

A very proud Mark Mederski officiated at the awards. It sure was hot that July day in Ohio!

AMA's Vintage Motorcycle Days

Mid Ohio Raceway, July 20-21, 2002

AMA's Vintage Motorcycle Days

Sears Point, CA, April 27-28, 2002

Two beautiful Hurricanes showed up at Sears to delight the crowds. On the left in the hat is first place winner, Bill Whalen. On my left is Duane Anderson (maroon shirt) who helped me build the original Vetter Rocket 3 in 1969. Along side Duane at the far right (green shirt) is Kim Rowden, owner of the 2nd place Hurricane.
Bill Whalen walks off with an original, 1973 Triumph Factory Sales Catalog, framed and autographed. This catalog is almost unobtainable.
Revised Jan 1, 2003