"What is that?"
"Looks like Buck Rogers"
"Its futuristic!"
"Its Retro"
"We love the portholes"
My latest design: The Fantastic Vetter Torpedo
July 2004, Mid-Ohio: After two long years of development, my new scooter is on the road.
It's the "1946 Designer's Dream Scooter for 1950 - today"

(Well, fifty years later)

"Is it real?" see a movie

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Many of us who were raised in motorscooters have a warm spot in our heart for them. Unfortunately, we don't look good on those old scooters anymore. Either we are too big or they are too small.They are fun to look at but not really practical.

My Torpedo design is everything we love in a scooter...big, fast, American. The look of our past. Made for us today.

Scooter collector Herb Singe and his 1939 Powell "Streamliner"
I was mobbed everywhere I went!
I love your scooter!
Everybody wanted to have their picture on the Torpedo. Here Pat and Allan Shepard from Southern Illinois imagine their first ride.

My Torpedo draws a crowd wherever it is! Here we are at the AMA's Mid Ohio event. I could hardly drive the it without being stopped and questioned.

Updated Dec 18, 2007