"In the summer of 1971, I met you and Loyal G. "crash" Truesdale III at the design conference in Aspen Colorado. I was riding a BSA Rocket III with a new Phantom full fairing you had recently introduced. It didn't fit quite right and you made some design modifications in the field using only a hacksaw and metal file. Fit much better after that.

We happened to be leaving the same day and you and I were both heading back to Illinois so we three rode together, Loyal leaving us after we cleared Colorado. You were on a three-cylinder Suzuki I believe (might have been a Kawasaki), and it kept blowing fuses. (It was a blue tank, Kawasaki 500-CV)

Scott Wallace, 1971
On one such repair stop along I-80 not far from Iowa City, after giving you my last spare fuse, you got up to speed and merged back into traffic but where I tried to merge the asphalt shoulder had dropped off from the concrete roadway, leaving about six inches of reverse curb. Down I went ,of course, and by the time you circled back a nurse had stopped and was seeing to several spots of road rash. The fairing had taken the brunt of it and except for grinding off several inches along one edge both the fairing, and my Beesa escaped relatively unharmed. I remember you were quite pleased with that.

I've attached an old and faded photo from the trip. Hope you are welland still riding. Drop a line if you get a chance.


Scott Wallace

BSA Rocket 3 with a S1600 Phantom Fairing

September 1970: Duane Anderson tuft testing a Series 1600 fairing. These Series 1600 fairings sold for $174 in those days. We made about 400.

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