Assembling the headlight adjuster

It is easy if you know the secret.

posted Oct 18, 2014
To paint a Windjammer SS fairing and any newer versions, you will want to remove the headlight assembly. It is a little tricky.

Here is the secret:

The headlight needs to be pre-assembled like this before you try to put it in the Windjammer
You will need a special "thin" 7/16" open end wrench to remove or re assemble the jam nut under the adjuster knob.
Only a skinny 7/16" wrench will fit in this narrow space. I have never seen one for sale. But you can make your own. Here is what you do: Take your junkiest 7/6" open end wrench and grind it down so it is about 1/8" thick.

Now you can hold the nut and unscrew the plastic knob. It may be tight. Wrap a rag around it and use a pair of Channel lock pliers so you don't mundge the corners. Remove the headlight for painting the fairing by unbolting the two side bolts.

Some people have mistakenly disassembled the headlight assembly to take it apart. Here is how you put it back together correctly:

The little half moon plastic piece is the "nut" that secures the spring loaded headlight adjusting rod. On the right, you can see how it is supposed to screwed into the rod. Assembling it can be tricky. a second person is helpful.

You are going to have to place the spring loaded threaded rod under the hole, place the half moon nut into place and push down hard. You want to screw them together. Rotate the entire headlight assembly. Screw it together until the rod is even with the end of the half moon nut.

Relax now. The hard part is over.

Below: I have assembled the components on a plain rod for clarity:

Headlight side
Knob side
The fairing
Adjuster Knob
A flat washer between the spring and fairing.
Nylon thrust grommet
7/16" nut
Push the rod thru the hole from the bottom and seat the Nylon thrust grommet. Add the steel washer on top of the Nylon grommet and snug down the 7/16" nut. Not tight. Just snug. You want the adjuster shaft to turn easily. Screw the Adjuster Knob down until it bottoms out onto jam nut. Hold the Knob tight and use your special 7/16" wrench to tighten it against the Knob. Re-assemble the headlight nacelle and comfirm that turning the knob adjusts the headlight.

These are the Headlight Bunkees. Some people actually cut the old ones out in order to do a good paint job and need new ones. We have them. Contact Carol

Posted Oct 18, 2014