Series 800: The second Vetter Fairing
Dates sold: Feb. 1967 thru Oct. 1969
Bikes fit: Japanese 160-175cc
Number made: Approx. 100
Retail price range: Retail $89.50 (‘67), $129.50 (‘69)
First seen: Cycle World , Mar. 1967
Fibreglass, black or white, Hand scratched in serial # under foam tape right side from front
This Series 800 fairing is now a part of the AMA's Hall of Fame Museum
Series 800 statistics
I loved those little Japanese motorcycles and really expected that if I made fairings for them, people would buy them. But they didn't. Riders would rather save their money for their next purchase of a bigger bike. So, the cute little Series 800 was never very popular.

To make it, I simply sectioned a Series 1000 at the middle and at the front (to make it narrower to fit the smaller headlights) and put it back together. From that I had a mold made and made the parts from that mold

Most Series 800 fairings went on Honda 160s, Bridgestone 175s and Suzuki 200cc X5s. This was Steve Sanderson's 160.
Look at what I found at Will Stoner's Vintage Days at mid Ohio in 2001. Its a very rare Series 800 fairing from 1967! My wife, Carol found it and bought it for me as a birthday present. They are still out there.
The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum has a Series 800

After giving away all my fairings to the Hall of Fame Museum in Ohio, in 1998, think I have "Donor's Remorse". Must collect them back

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