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Posted Nov 24, 2009

Ted Kieper's pretty Windjammer V #63-107181

Check out his sturdy home-made mounts

G. Harris' Windjammer 5, serial number 63-110104
Here is a full one of the bike just after I finished it about 2 years ago. That summer we took it to Port Angeles up the coast. But it was a little strain with the both of us on it and the luggage loaded so we now tour on a Harley Ultra with its larger frame. I am finally mostly retired so I can now get back to bringing it out of mothballs. It has been in storage for the past 2 years.

The paint was redone by a Jaguar restorer. It is 3 coats of Silkins ( a German manufacturer) with 2 coats of clear. I'll send you a picture of one of the side panels that looks as if it has wrinkles. But what you are actually looking at is the boat cover in its reflection.

New decals from a place back East in Canada that handles old motorcycle decals. Brakes and suspension has been totally rebuilt. Added a full audio system using AutoComm. The engine only has about 40,000 original miles so the engine and transmission and differential were not touched except to change all fluids.

I love these vintage pics showing how we were.
I found this picture of me with my cousin and the 1980 Honda CM400T with a Quicksilver fairing that I owned in the early 1980's. Yes, that is a perm, a great weapon against helmet hair (it was the 80's you know) and no, she wasn't riding with me. I kept my rainsuit in the storage pocket on the right and my personal stuff in the left.

Attached are pictures of my 1980 Honda CM400e with a full Windjammer SS with lowers , Aamco saddle bags and a Bates trunk that I bought last year. The original striping and lettering where gone, so I striped it myself and added a Honda Rebel sticker to it. Also, Thanks for such great products, I may sell this bike some day, but will always ride with a Vetter leading the way.

Bobby Sterling
Cumming, Ga

Windjammer SS serial # 24- 213333
Vintage Vetter pictures of "How it Was 1965-68"
To the left is Frank Bernstein in 1968 at Alton Drag Strip on my ex- 250 Yamaha .
Craig on same bike 2 years earlier
Frank with modified Vetter Series 500 Fairing
October, 1965: I had just ridden to Florida and back and had a lot on miles on my 250 Big Bear Scrambler. The Bridgestone 175 had just come out. It had a reputation for being really fast. I had to find out.

So did the owner of the first Bridgestone 175 in Champaign. We "ran off "on a frontage road, which had a little curve about 1/4 mile down. I missed the curve and broke my arm. The 175 rider left when the police came. I never found out who was the fastest.

My 250 was totalled. My wrist was broken. I put the clutch lever on my Bridgestone 90 (with the cardboard muffler) on the right side and kept riding.

When my wrist healed, I traded the 250 in for a new 305. Frank Bernstein was an owner of Yamaha Sportland. He saw the opportunity to get a "worn-in" 250 that would make a pretty good drag racer. He cut down a Vetter Series 500 fairing (above) to help cheat the wind.

In 1966, I rode to the Aspen Design Conference in Colorado on my 305:

Pre-Fairing Days: My new Yamaha 305 atop Pikes Peak, 1966
It was on this trip that I decided I needed to make a fairing. When I returned home in the Fall of 1966, I built my first fairing around this machine. The Series 500 fairing on Frank's drag bike did not come until 1968.
1967: An early Series 1000 Vetter Fairing mounted on a Sportster
1967: Phil Beckege of Joliet made his own hardware and put one of the first Series 1000 fairings on his Sportster. He used a Norton headlight.
Howard Halasz (again) and his Great Dane "Scooter" on his 1979 Honda CB650 with a Vetter Windjammer.

This Windjammer came with built in FIAMM horns and cigar lighter. Howard installed the Vetter Sound radio housing. Photo was taken in April 1980. "Scooter" lived to the ripe old age of 13, quite rare for a Great Dane.

Thank you, Howard... we love our dogs, don't we?

Serial # 472531 makes this a Windjammer 4

Sweet young Carol. 22 and SuperDog, 6 in 1973

Carol does not look happy. SuperDog was happy

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