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Here is a rare sight: A Windjammer on a Triumph T-160 in England. See the (Bonneville TT/T-160 story)

This belongs to my friend, John Young, one of those crazy English Triumph Triple people that I have grown to love. There could not have been more than 25 Vetter Trident brackets made, but John found one! And, he put a "period correct" Windjammer 3 on it.

John writes: "The serial number is "09-119832". The date sticker (assume date of finishing or dispatch maybe) reads June 23 1976 and is in the inside of the right hand compartment. Is that "anorakish" enough for you?"

The phrase "Anorak" is a distinctly English phrase, refering to people like John who love details. Well, John, has made me realize that I too am somewhat of an Anorak. For example, on June 23, 1976, when his fairing was being made, I lay, attatched to my bed in traction in Gainsville, Georgia from injuries to my hip and pelvis from racing at Road Atlanta.

We'll talk more about Anoraks later...

Hey Mr Vetter,
Here's my 1979 GL1000 with 50,000 miles. Its sporting a Vetter Windjammer fairing with Bates saddlebags.The paint job is a Mossy Oak Graphics Vinyl sticker. I just got back from an awesome ride to Fontana Dam/ Deals Gap and the fairing rode smoothly at 80 mph + even though its 30 years old! Its a unique ride that always gets attention! Thanks again for such a great product!

Pat "Papito" Meyer
Vice President
Latin American Motorcycle Association (L.A.M.A.)

How come I missed this bike at the Riding into History Charity in 2009? Did the camo treatment make it invisible? Did I walk right by it? Look at those blacked out Snap Vents! Very cool indeed.
This is a picture of the 1981 GS850G I used to own with full Vetter Windjammer stuff attached. I think it was a great looking machine thanks to the Vetter equipment. I thought you might enjoy seeing it and how good your stuff looks on it. It was 4 years old when this was taken and it still looked like new. Jerry Thomas  
I really love these old time pictures.
Brad Martin writes:

I bought a Windjammer III back around 1975 and mounted it to my new Suzuki T500 Titan. The bike was dreadful. But my first date with my wife was in 1976 on that bike. We got married, swapped the Jammer onto a Suzuki water buffalo and have been touring ever since (BMW with a Lufmeister for 20 years, FJR now).

The two things I remember most about that fairing.
Nice still air on both bikes. Communication between my wife and I was viable by talking (not yelling or electronics as required on the FJR).

But the thing that STILL GETS ME. I don’t think in the 30 plus years of tinkering I have ever gotten better instructions on an aftermarket accessory. Not only was it crystal clear what to do, but everything was there and it fit. I still think back to that day in 75 when I'm trying to figure out some present day manual. 27 languages, half the parts missing or mis-labeled. They spend 4 paragraphs trying to keep you safe from gouging your eyes out with the screw driver and a sentence on how to bolt the propeller coil to the diaphragm bracket

Those Instamatics 110’s give everything from the 70’s that nice orange glow.

My wife is showing off how comfortable that seat was…
I’m contemplating tomorrow’s destination at the campsite. 

Looks like we shared a similar bike path for a few years.  I saw your Titan somewhere on your website and this nice shot of your pre-disc brake 750.

Thanks again for all your great work.  Cruising thru your website reminded me….  Man you came up with some cool stuff!!! Great products, great web site. Thanks Brad Martin

Craig writes: A whole generation rode with us, Brad. Thanks so much for sending this.

I have attached a picture of my bike which I restored along with the Vetter Fairing, I still haven't put the decals on yet. Now I'll get my electrical connection completed and will just about be finished. The bike is a 1980 Yamaha XS11SG.
Thanks again, Denny Lease
Another Vintage shot from 1974

Carol, the decals came today, thanks for the "T" shirt and patch, too.

Attached is a shot of my (when new) 1974 Honda CB650-four. I lived in Florida at the time and was able to ride year-round. The second picture is of the 2004 Guzzi Stone which I modified an old '73 Guzzi bracket to fit. I'll send you a nicer picture of it this summer when the trees have greened.

Thirty years and still rockin' and rollin'!  Here are a couple pics of my bikes with Vetter 'Jammers.  One is the 1974 Honda 750-four that spoiled me to truckin' in style with the Windjammer II.  No question that it's a "period" photo, check out the sissy bar!  I put tens of thousands of miles on that bike in the 70's, wish I had it back!

The other is the retro-fit Windjammer III that I mounted on my 2004 Moto Guzzi Stone.  You both were great help in sharing advice and experience in getting the set-up done... thanks for the interest (and patience) in helping me get it road worthy.  I'm still spoiled to the 'Jammer experience... I wouldn't leave home without it. Cave Luther

Hi Carol: A few years ago I was given a 1971 Harley Superglide basket case. I e-mailed Craig a few times to get some needed information, and promised him that I would send him a picture once I got it all back together. Attached to this e-mail is a picture of it from the 50th anniversary celebration at Pierce Harley Davidson this past summer (2007). The fellow standing next to it trying to ignore it is not me. It sure stands out among all the other custom Harleys around here. It is a whole lot of fun to ride. I was going to put the Vetter bags on it too, but they wound up on the 1977 Guzzi I-Convert LAPD along with yet another Windjammer and the rear trunk. Thanks again for continuing to support your old products.

Steve Berg

Sometimes these unusual combinations come out like they were supposed to be that way. What a beauty!
Vetter Corp. sold a complete outfit like this to Kawasaki Motor Company in 1980 The KZ1300 was so wide at the tank, that the rear mounting hole of the Windjammer had to be cut away. New mounting bolt holes were added in front of the fork tunnel. Gene, however, made his own brackets. Very impressive.
Here are pics of two of my Vetter equipped bikes, a 1980 KZ1300 which I've owned for 20+ years,(100,000 miles) and a 1975 CB400F "barn find". All of the brackets were made by me, I also did all of the paint. To me there is no fairing as good as a Windjammer, I've had about a dozen or so of them on nearly every bike I've owned since 1971.

Gene Zdenek

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