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Posted June 8, 2009

Len Lutz' Vetter equipped Kawasaki KZ1300:

My bike is a 1980 Kawasaki KZ1300 A-2, bought new in March of '82. The fairing, trunk, and saddle bags are Vetter products, not Kawasaki. I really prefered the smooth sexy curves of the Vetter products over the hard, sharp corners of the manufacturer's products.

Len's Windjammer 4 is #37-508305

The Trunk is #36-243759

The Saddle Bags are #29-44365

"Kawasaki by Vetter" components are on Furgus Wilson's bike - above - and Ron Nichols' below. Ron asked: "Craig,  I am looking at the fairings that were produced for Kawasaki. I have what seems to be an SS fairing s/n K32 122743.   Do I have a rare SS?"
I sold Vetter in late 1978. My deal with Kawasaki was that we would sell our Vindicator Fairing (a Windjammer without the Leading Edge Lights) to Kawasaki, badged with the logo above. We can see from these pictures that the new owner of Vetter Corporation offered Windjammer Fairings and our saddlebags to Kawasaki as well.
Ron Nichol's K32-122743
All Vetter Fairings that were sold to Kawasaki as "Kawasaki by Vetter" began with the prefix 32. No, to answer your question, I don't know how rare these Kawasaki Windjammers are, but I thank you both for sending this information.

Another interesting Kawasaki story (for another time) is Kawasaki Vetter-Anniversary model of 1978. We made 200 sets of white Vetter components for these bikes, with red and blue stripes, making them very rare indeed:

#15 of 200, Anniversary Kawasaki at Vintage Days, Mid Ohio, 2008
The folks I dealt with at Kawasaki were very proud of these machines because they were made in the US and outfitted with US designed and manufactured Vetter Fairings and Saddlebags. Of course, we were proud to be associated with Kawasaki, too. About this time, we were beginning to build Reg Pridmore's US champion Kawasaki Superbike, based upon a KZ1000. But, that is another story, too.
How about this owner of four Hurricanes in New Zealand. I designed this bike for BSA in 1969. It became the Triumph Hurricane of 1973.
Hi Craig: As you can probably tell by now I have ordered a T shirt, model and book from you. I have several classic motorcycles in my collection and amoungst them I have 4 Hurricanes, ranging in mileage from 180 to 12,000 miles.

Here are some photos of when I got them all home towards the start of this year. They are so cool to ride and just as cool to look at!!

I may also reluctantly be selling one or two of them also. I have 25 bikes and mostly all of them are very original machines ranging from brand new to low mileage and it may be time to thin a few out so that my very understanding wife can upgrade some things around the house as the kids are getting bigger!!

Thanks Craig.

Kind Regards,
Donn Tomlinson.

Bob MacBirds' pretty 1975 GL with Windjammer SS # 24-262723

"This is a 1975 restored GL1000 with SS fairing and earlier lowers (trimmed on inside to reveal the engine) and bags/trunk. This bike only has 9200 miles on it. It has won GL1000 classes at GWRRA Wing Dings (US) five times over the last five years. It was featured on Speed Vision's review of the 2003 Wing Ding in Madison, WI. The armrests are modified GL1100 laydowns and the upholstery is a customized Fletcher Cycle Sound radio holder."

Bob MacBird Membership Enhancement Classic Wing S.I.G. Representative
Bullet on a GL:

I (Vetter) designed the Bullet fairing in 1983 to look good on "Cruiser" bikes. The 1975 bikes had not yet been "Cruiser-ized." I asked Jerry "Are you sure about putting this on a GL 1000?"

Jerry replied:

"Your comments are interesting on the “cruiser” bike, I would have guessed more for sport bikes, but that just shows how little info I have been able to find on the Bullets, short of your web site. I have a pic to attach now on a 75 Goldwing that my brother in law “cruiserized” before I rescued it from him.

I love the Bullets, but note on the Goldwing I had to raise it over the headlight about 5 ot 6 inches more than really looks good to get the wind deflection high enough.

Thanks to your web site, I will now be on the lookout for some of your rarer fairings.


The handsome Windjammer III
Howard writes: I recently purchased the bike of my dreams -- a 1977 Honda Gold Wing.  This Gold Wing won first place in the GWRRA GL 1000 stock class Bike Show at the Wing Ding in Greenville, SC.
My '77 Wing has the black Vetter Windjammer III fairing and the Vetter fairing lowers. 
This is the way Gold Wings are supposed to look: Howard Halasz' beautiful 1977 GL.

Well, it probably ought to have Vetter saddlebags.

July 29, 09, Howard writes: have some more recent photos of "Mirandy", my '77 Gold Wing. I replaced the Cycle Sound with the 3" speakers with a Vetter Sound with 4" speakers.

Windjammer III called "Mirandy" Serial Number is 09-112374
Mirandy won First Place in the GL1000 Custom Class Bike Show at Wing Ding in Tulsa for the second year in a row. Howard is the former technical editor for Wing World magazine. 
Posted June 8, 2009

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