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Craig, I bought this Windjammer SS off ebay and mounted it
on my 1976 CB550 Four. Thought you might like to see the
photos. I had to get my hacksaw and welder out and got real
creative about modifying the mounting bracket from a CB750 tofit around the exhaust pipes and highway bar. I'm considering painting it "Honda Orange" to match the bike. Let me know what you think. I also just placed an order for the new vents.
Thanks for creating this fairing, it's like riding a different bike!

We love flames
And these are nice flames. All I can tell you is that they are on a 75 Wing that belongs to a Canadian named "Bear".

My old buddy, Frank Bernstein sent this pic of his RD and Quicksilver. We thank Frank for also sending his original, 25 year old mounting instructions for the QuickSilver.
We now have 3 bikes with Vetter fairings, and we love them! Your products have stood the tests of time.

John & Kathy Hila

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I am compiling information for the "Little Windjammer Book" as well as these Owner's Web Pages. Please send me your pictures and stories. Include the serial numbers of the Vetter Fairings and Luggage.

Reader's favorite pics are vintage images of when we were young, our girlfriends were "sweet young things" and our dogs were pups. Thanks Craig.

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