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Posted March 29, 2009

I got this fairing (SN 63-152464) off craigslist for 30 USD. It came with a mounting bracket for a Honda Goldwing. I had to fix the internal wiring, replace the lock in the right cover, and fabricate my own mounting bracket studs.

I followed your advise from your web site and started with the existing top plate. I also made my own windshield out of smoke tinted Lexan.

1982 Windjammer 5 on a 1977 Harley-Davidson XLH

It kept me busy over the long New England winter and I was itching to try it out once the weather got better.

Today I took the bike out for the first time after installing the fairing and I loved it. I thought you might get a kick out of seeing one of your fairings on a 77 XLH.

Best regards,


Your reference brought a thoughtful smile. It is probably an ananolgy with more truth than fiction. Being a financialy chalenged person, I try to do every thing myself. I bought the bike, 1999 883XLC, with a salvage title as it was totaled. A couple of months of work and it was titled and tagged. I repainted it and 'fixed' up best I could. It is now a 1200 with Andrews cams and a homemade exhaust. I wanted a windsheild but after trying two, I decided to find a frame mounted fairing. Since no one makes them for my bike you came into the picture.
Looks like a Mad Max Sportster to me
You sent me a photo of a Sportster with a full fairing and I was off to the races. I found a 1978 Vindicator in reasonable shape and fabricated mounts for it. Your site provided the info I needed and your attention was great motivation.

Thank you, James
Vetter comments: We sold very few brackets for Harleys. But when I see Vetter fairings on them on, I am stunned by their good looks.
I recently purchased  an excellent condition 1977 Yamaha XS 500 that has only 3,473 original miles.  The original owner purchased the bike from the dealer with a Vetter Windjammer III and Denfeld side hard bags.  I found a new-old-stock of the Vetter lowers type 4 on ebay but it does not come with screws.  I'm thrilled to have this bike in my collection.

It's currently in my basement and I'm in the process of removing the wheels to install new tires ... it still has the original tires !

Windjammer III on a 1977 Yamaha XS 500
Attached is a pic of it before it was sold to me.  The person sitting on the bike is the owner's neighbor.  As you may notice, he remove the seat so he can be flat-footed when he's straddling it.   The seat height is too high for him.
I'll send some of my own pics when I have put everything together again including the new lowers.


A very pretty 1977 GoldWing

Mr. Vetter,
I thought you might appreciate a photo of a 31 year old bike that is still in mint condition with all of your touring accessories on it. I did a full restoration about 4 years ago. The photo is about a year old.


Notice the blue spear inserts that were a Vetter option in those days

Craig notes: The Liberator fairing was as outrageous then as it is now. Thank you for this kind story, Otto
Hello again!
At the moment the motorcycle is in the factory, we are going since it to paint, to chrome and to sandblast the motor. I send a photo to you of the motorcycle, where we are in the "zocalo" of Puebla, Pue. In an event HOG Nov. 08

The motorcycle was of the grandfathers of my better friend, although his father had 3 motorcycles, my friend never had the fortune to drive the motorcycles, his father did not give the keys him of the motorcycle, and never I am interested. By family and work questions, their parents went to live to the USA, and the motorcycle was left during 6 years.

I rent the house of them, and here she was parked the motorcycle, and decided to buy it! I always like the sound of the motorcycle when she circulated around house of my parents…
The motorcycle counts on 20,625 miles, and the mechanic comments to me that this in excellent conditions! Even though as much time was left

And now, I am recovering the motorcycle. perhaps and I feel like lucky person to have a only harley in Puebla, in all Mexico does not find a motorcycle in the state that is mine! Less even. with a so exclusive accessory signed by Vetter!
I believe that the motorcycle will be ready approximately in 3 weeks, will send photographs to you. In the month of May, there will be an event HOG, and that he will captivate many glances! The people to whom but my motorcycle draws attention to them are adult majors, that know old motorcycles or time. Many young people, see rare motorcycle, but them story the history of the design and are astonished, until take photographs!

We follow in contact, I wait for your commentaries. It receives an affectionate hug, of your admirer of Puebla

Kindly an admirer of its designs!


Rare Liberator in Mexico Serial # L2712
1975 GL from Australia

I thought you might like to see "possibly" the ONLY 'fully loaded' Vetter/Honda GL1000 in Australia. Not a lot of interest in the old Goldwings in Australia. But you just can't have an old Goldwing without it being fully fitted by Vetter.
The Fairing and mount kit, Lowers, Saddle Bags and mount kit/rack, and the Tail Trunk were all found separately, over the space of four years and at considerable cost, literally from all around the world on ebay, and fitted with some new hardware sourced from yourself online.

The Cycle Sound has been temporarily removed so that l can replace the faulty stereo(the only part purchased in Aus).I had to refit the loose turn signals and rewired the fairing for good measure. Other than that, all is in perfect order for 30 years + age.

The only thing left for me to do now is to have the full kit colour matched to the bike.
Australia is a great place for touring motorcycles, although the roads are nowhere near as good as those in the States.

A neighbour of mine, and fellow member of Ulysses Motorcycle Club has one of your Hurricanes in his shed. He won't even let me look at it, let alone touch it, ha ha. 

I think your website is brilliant and informative, particularly for us enthusiasts from far across the oceans(ie PDF fitting instructions and 'retro' parts etc.). Please keep doing what you have all these years, as your knowledge and enthusiasm for motorcycling is amazing. Your creations fully deserve to be recognised in museums etc, as they have proved to be of a timeless designs.

Yours Thankfully


Carol and I do love your stories. Carol worked in Sales and was involved with getting these fairings to you, so many years ago.
Posted Mar 29, 2009

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Reader's favorite pics are vintage images of when we were young, our girlfriends were "sweet young things" and our dogs were pups. Thanks Craig.

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