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Posted Mar 9, 2008

Rickman Cafe Racer

Between 1973 and 1976, I was the US distributor for Rickman Cafe Chassis kits. Martin Banniza sent this pic of his beautiful Kawasaki Rickman, ser # 4832M which he subsequently sold on EBAY in Jan of 2008 for $10,211.00 US


David Collins' recollections of 1973
 I remember driving to Rantoul, IL in 1973 in my VW Beetle to the factory on a Saturday to pick up my first Vetter 'Windjammer' fairing. I could barely get it in the back seat (had to remove the passenger seat to load it)
I loved it on my '73 Honda CB 750. I put an FM radio in the left side (inside) with one small speaker between the windshield & the dash.  That year, a friend & I rode to Sandusky Ohio to visit a gal I met. He had no baffles in his 750, so I made him ride about 15' behind me on the highway. He said when I cranked up the radio, he could hear it until we rode over 85 MPH.
I believe I was one of the first in St. Louis to listen to Rock FM on a bike! It was great. My girlfriend & I road the bike to Pueblo, Co for a vacation that year. The fairing really helped going across Kansas.
     My second 'Windjammer' fairing was a used one I bought & installed on an '82 Honda CB 900 Custom. I installed an AM/FM Stereo cassette system on that one. It sounded great.
In the winter, I bought my first pair of 'Hippo Hands' (another great invention from Vetter) In the winter I installed the lowers on each side to keep the heat on the legs.

 I've included some old photos of my old bikes with the fairings on them.
You can put this on the web if you wish.
Thanks for all you've done for the cycle industry,
Dave Collins
St. Louis, Missouri

I have a restored 1975 Honda GoldWing, GL1000, Candy Blue/Green.  Mounted on the front of it is a white Vetter Fairing!  I have the radio kit and the air vent package.  What I am looking for is the lower parts that fit on with 3 screws on each side to finish it off.  (I'm not too sure what they are called...)  I will be happy to provide photos of my machine, if you are interested!  Hopefully you can help me on my quest to make this the ultimate machine for cruising!  If there is one thing I love, it is my GoldWing with my Vetter Fairing!  I have always wanted a Honda GoldWing since I was a kid, and now I have one...  (Even though I had to make one from two machines and a third motor and some extra new parts.)  Honestly though, there is nothing like a ride on a nice afternoon being able to tour in style and listening to smooth jazz, from Sirius Satellite Radio, on my GL1000!

Kevin D.F. James

Kevin James trophy winning GL
Just thought you might want to know that Windjammer III number 09-123566 is alive and well.  I traded some carpentry work for a 1977 GoldWing last year and I'm happy to report that some 31 years later your fairing is still in good shape.  Looks like you got it right! 
The only modification I've made is to drill a couple of holes.  I found the flats under the turn signals to be the perfect mount for the little bullet driving lights I found.  I added some large washers inside to spread the load out on the fairing so hopefully it won't crack.   I live out in the country where its a good idea to see the deer coming before they get to you so more light was a necessity. 
This isn't my first Vetter designed fairing.  Back in 1986 I bought a new Suzuki GS and fitted it with a Bell Bullet.  That was just enough fairing for a daily rider.   I still kick myself for letting my ex talk me into selling that thing.
Anyway, thanks for designing such a great fairing.  Honda should send you a Brinks truck...  you did a lot to make them a mint.
Dewayne Dykes
Rockvale, TN

Dewayne Dykes beautiful GL
Windjammer on a new Triumph!
I've been riding a long time, and among the many bikes I've had over the years, 2 of them have Vetter Windjammer fairings and they worked great. In 1999 I came into some money, and I figured I deserved the best bike I could afford, so I got a BMW RT. I rode the bike for 3 years, modifying it to try to make it comfortable enough to go long distances easily. The fairing was crap. I could never get the thing right -- extra long shields, cutting them down, earplugs, different helmets.
I got rid of the RT and bought one of the new Triumph Bonnevilles and put a Vetter Windjammer on it (with my own mounts). There is a reason you saw so many bikes with these fairings -- they just plain work. I can go further, way more comfortably, without earplugs, on my funky lookin' Triumph (photo attached) than I ever could on the fancy BMW.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but feel free to share this with your colleagues at Vetter -- Thank you!


My father Lewis Marshall passed away last year, and I will be taking possesion of his bike soon.  It is equipped with one of your fairings I believe.  He never threw away instructions for his toys, I will look through his files for instructions for the Liberator.  He  had to repair the one on my step mothers bike, so I would not be surprized if the instruction aren't around in his files. 
Attached is a photo of my bike as it is currently.  My bike has the sidecar. Step-Mom's doesn't.
Victor L. Marshall

Vic found his father's Liberator mounting instructions and sent them on to us for posting. Thank you, Vic.

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