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posted Sep 15, 2009

Windjammer III on the BMW R69S makes a beautiful combination
Craig: I got the Windjammer mounted on my R69S. I am very pleased with the way it looks and even more pleased with how well it works. At 60 mph I can leave my face shield up on the full-face helmet with no discomfort. I will be making a Death Valley ride in January, so I will really appreciate the relative warmth compared to the naked bike. Jon Miller
1978 Kawasaki KZ1000B2 LTD with a Windjammer SS Ser # 24-201465
This is a pic taken Saturday of the 1978 Kawasaki KZ1000B2 LTD I bought from an old friend last year.  I hadn't ridden a bike since 1970. I'm glad I made the purchase because the old bike gets around very, very well.  Both bike and fairing have held up nicely over the years with the care my old buddy Butch gave it.  Low mileage... only 22250 when I got it in November. The picture was taken a couple of months later at Tom Lea Park... It overlooks downtown El Paso, Texas. The mountains and such behind me are Juarez, Mexico.

Again, many thanks for the quick service on the parts... The website is great and very informative.
Mike Louis

Jim Messenger-Harris with his 1973 Windjammer II mounted on a 1996 Suzuki Intruder 1400.

My friend [Jim McDaniels] and I made all the hardware from aluminum bar stock and improvised. I mounted some lights on the crash bar [low] for greater visibility. I now have a Kuryakin back rest bag that sits on the passenger seat and saddlebags. It is very comfortable and I am having no wind problems like I did with a windshield. The most difficult part of the modification was adapting the wheel well hole. It was way too small for the steering tree so we had to enlarge it. I have zero experience with bodywork but managed to keep from ruining it. The windshield was too tall so I cut that off using a metal cutting blade on my sabre saw. I have had a few guys with Vetter fairings say they like it and are considering trimming their windshields. Most people say "what is it"?

What an original Windjammer II looked like

Serial number 22057

Craig says: This is an imaginative and well done design. Who'd have thought it was possible? See details of Jim's hardware
Craig: The bike was originally purchased new from Petaluma, CA, Honda. I bought it from the original owner in 1978, in SLO, while I was a student there, and have owned it for the ensuing 30+ years. In the mid-'80's the Windjammer V shown replaced the previous fairing after an accident. The fairing is completely original as delivered to me some 25 years ago.

Additionally, in the late '70's this bike was a Vetter factory "test fit" bike. On numerous occasions, a team from the factory would install Vetter equipment (typically saddlebags) to insure fit was still OK after a production or design change.

Albert Catelani

Craig comments: Since I owened the company I wonder if this means that I owned this bike too. Sure is handsome, isn't it?

1977 Gold Wing with Windjammer 5 S/N 63-123616
This goes way back to 1971/1972. 

I worked in Waukegan IL with Jim Miller’s dad at American Can Company. Jim introduced me to your fairings and I ended up putting one on my Honda 750.
My question is, Jim Miller that you worked with and came up with the Windjammer name - did you keep in touch with him?

Same Jim Miller. It was Jim who came up with the name Windjammer.  We had a lot of fun together. Jim died in 2001 of a brain tumor.  I miss him dearly.  At the end, he gave his life to Jesus so we will see each other again.

You MADE A GREAT FAIRING and I am looking to buy one on Ebay for my Kawasaki 1995 750.  Is the wind shield with the vent a Vetter Design or after market? 

Also Greatly enjoyed the Oil Painting and the History of each person. Ron Wolfe

Windjammer 4 fairing #37-522370
Craig answers: We did not make your windshield or put in the vents. It looks very tall and appears that the rectangular vent has given it a "concave" shape. There should be clips at the top, not screws.
Windjammer IV, #37-561328
My bike on the Blue Ridge Parkway in western NC, and I'd be honored if you'd include it in your "Vetter Owners" section on the website. 

The NOS washers you sent me in late May worked beautifully.  My fairing was rock stable for over 3,000 miles of great traveling.  Got to see everything from Michigan to South Carolina.  It was the best time that my wife and I have had together in our 7 years of marriage.

Best wishes to you and Carol,
Shawn Kitchen

Windjammer SS #24-230892 with a very rare Vetter instrument housing of 1976
 Hey Craig,

My dad is 79 years old and just had his first accident in 40 years down in MN on a trip with some friends. Fortunately as the emergency nurse said he must have rubber bones and only broke the fibruiler bone up by the knee and is up walking and recovering. Unfortunately the love of his life - his Hondamatic sustained a broken Windjammer on the right side. Windshield is intact as is everything else. Solid lassey that she is. I searched for him around your site for a replacement for his old 1976 Honda-matic with a Windjammer white fairing. Do you sell them? and how much might that cost him?
Being my Dad's only daughter and an avid but not presently riding, motorcycle enthusiast, I understand - having grown up all my life with motorcycles how important riding has been to him and his desire to get back on the road.  By the way, he corrected me it was not 40 years ago since his last accident but 60 when he was 19 years old 1949 when he broke that collar bone. 
 If there is anything you hear about or come across and being the spec's person, could you tell us what serial numbers might also fit or do I not understand how this works?
Apparently these lime green babies were intended for the Winnipeg Police but they turned them down that year due to budget I think.   The fairings et all came with the bike.
Well blessings on you both Carol and Craig. and little furry one.
Thanks again Mr. Craig for your comments and opening your heart to this cause. :)

Craig replies: Any Windjammer can be used to replace this. The #24 serial number just identifies this as a Windjammer SS. The windjammer 4 beginning with #37 is the same. EBAY or Craig's list is the place to get a replacement.

Look at this "Barn-Fresh" Vetter set! Almost 30 years old looking brand new!
Here are pictures of what I was lucky to locate. All from the same 81 GL1100, all pieces had been stored in a barn in Ohio for about 15 years. Once I get it all put together I will send you a picture.
Windjammer 5 #63-107546, trunk # 36-236138, L saddlebag # 29-60686

Geetings again, I thought you might like to see the finished work of my Vetter update. I have the faring,lowers,saddlebags and trunk installed and I could not be happier with the change in appearance of my bike. You created a great look. Thanks for posting them on you web page, they make me even more proud of what I have. Larry Gibson

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Reader's favorite pics are vintage images of when we were young, our girlfriends were "sweet young things" and our dogs were pups. Thanks Craig.

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