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Posted Sep 22. 09

( I found some of these in a misplaced folder from a couple of years ago. Sorry. Better late than never)

A beautiful 1979 Quicksilver Fairing, complete with its headlight mask

First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. I thought I would let you know I scored a mounting kit, brand new, still in the box from 1979 on Ebay. I have attached the manual that came with it for the 1979 CB550 and CB650 just in case you don’t have it and want it for your archives. Also enclosed are before and after pics of the 650 I am working on. I bought it a few months ago and am converting it to a mini touring bike. After I get the bags I want aligned and mounted I will be taking the bike apart this winter for paint
Again, thanks for all you have done and for making yourself available to us.
Marty Caise

Craig comments: The first Quicksilvers were shipped out without the headlight mask. which was very embarrassing to me. Quicksilver fairings had serial numbers beginning with 12 and may have had stickers inside listing the date of manufacture.

77 H-D Liberator

Craig, Here are pics of the 77 H-D. This bike has been in a barn for the past 4-5 years and is in bad need of a good cleaning. I busted a oil line yesterday and in the process of replacing the lines, tires, and rebuilding the carb. I actually bought bike to make a chopper and everybody that sees it says leave it as is.

                                                                         Terry Price

Craig replies: This is really a nice shot of the proper interior of a Liberator... one heck of a fairing.

James is like me... he collects Windjammers

White Windjammer III: # 09-119311

Yellow Windjammer SS: 24-277188

Craig: Today I finally took the leap into the world of paint. Bear in mind that a can of Krylon has been the limit of my painting experience, so a real spraygun and PPG paint is a new experience for me. I was impressed at how difficult it was to remove the Vetter logo when prepping the fairing. Built to last !
So it will be a few days before we see how things work out, or buff out in this case. New edging and logos sit at the ready and I think I am going to have to replace the windshield, but all in time I suppose. Still looking for the perfect bike to install this one on.

Well, if I hadn't seen it, I would not have believed it!

Here we have another "First Windjammer" made from the same molds my "First Windjammer" was made, back in 1971. I must have made this fairig for other key people at Vetter and then it got sold with the bike. These first prototype Windjammers were so rough I would have been reluctant to let them out.

But I did... because Bob Arnold has one!

Craig: I hope these photo's help. There was not a serial number on this fairing, it appears to be a proto type. The fairing is riveted together and seems to be all hand laid fiberglass.
Bob Arnold

Hello, Carol & Craig!
Hope this note finds you both doing well today. I went on that afternoon and placed a post... telling how nice you guys were to help me. Several people posted back w/ very nice things to say about their experiences w/ you, too.
I shared about the personal touch you both showed, and told them "what a great world this would be if we all conducted business w/ one another like this!"  Many agreed. Thanks again, so much... I'll be getting back w/ you soon to order those Vetter badges. I'll probably need 4 all together... (2 for the trunk, & 2 for the hard bags. Gotta save up...)
I've attached a pic of my bike, an '82 Yamaha XJ1100J Maxim.
Craig, thanks for all you've done to help the average motorcyclist... like me! It is appreciated.
God bless you, both. Regards, Bob Embrey

Thank you, Bob. It is my sweet wife, Carol, who is so attentive. Craig

Solveig's pretty 1976 GL from Norway
Dear Carol,
My english is maby not so good, becuse I am an Norwegian "girl"  born in 1965, so possible girl is not the thing any more but I feel so ;-)
I have red about you and Craig on :-) I found your internet adress when I on ebay was searching for a new windshield to my Gold Wing GL 1000 1976 mod. It was not easy to find before I realized that I had so searche for VETTER. And then I found what I was seraching for, and I also found out that spear parts is not easy to get any more for a Vetter Fairing. So then my interest for the Vetter come to and I found your adress. My Gold Wing is now veteran but it has been on the road for nearley all these years. I bougth it from a friend in oktober 2007, and I
really love to ride it and now I even loves it more knowing more about the Vetter Fairings :-)  So I just would say hi, and send you some pictures.. As you probably can see I don't need any other speare parts it is original I think apart from the color. Best regards, Solveig
Steve Johnson's 1972 Honda CB-750... what a nice story.
Craig & Carol

I bought a 1972 Honda CB-750 in California when I was in the Air Force in 1972. I rode it for many years and afer I  got married in Utah I put a black Windjammer SS fairing on it on 1978. I ended up moving into the corporate world and have moved from California to Utah to North Carolina to Puerto Rico to North Carolina to Texas to Missouri and finally back to Texas. I stopped riding the bike in 1984 while I was in North Carolina the second time.  The engine had siezed and I had neither the time nor the money to put it back on the road (raising 5 kids will do it to you).  

After I moved to Dallas in 1985 I decided to get the bike running again and took it to a well known mechanic in the area.  We decided he would rebuild the engine and I would take care of the rest. He put a 900 Kit into it along with a Yoshimura RT cam. He did a great job on the rebuild but took some time getttng it done. I was not in any particular hurry so it wasn't a problem. I had moved to St. Louis by then and had dissasembled the bike, put all the small parts into labeled plastic bags and stored all the big items in crates.  He shipped the engine to me and it went into the garage with the rest of the parts.  I knew at some point on time I would get the bike back on the road, but I had nothing pushing me. I purchased some items I  knew I would need  (new fuel tank, new side cover,, new saddlebags, and a new tail trunk)  

Well, the years went by and a couple of years ago I decided it was time.  I have had a real struggle job-wise since 2002 but things appear to be stable now. As I was able to save a little money I would do some work on the bike. Of course all kinds of parts had to be replaced and luckily finding them has not been too much of a problem. With Carol's help I was able to get the new Vetter parts I needed.  I powdercoated much of the bike, hand cleaned all the hardware with a wire wheel, and finally got everything painted. (the original color of the bike was brown. The fairing was black. The new fuel tank was gold. The accent panels on the saddlebags were red and the panels on the tail trunk were blue. I went with a nice Candy Apple Red.

The saddlebags and tail trunk mounting brackets had to be modified as they were designed for a '78 model CB-750. Granted the bike is not a new machine, but it is just what I wanted and I am very happy with the rebuild effort.

I would like to thank you for your imagination, innovation, ingenuity, and entrepreneurial efforts in creating the touring bike industry. You led the way with great products that served a market no one else knew existed.  As you can see, your products make the bike and I look forward to many more years of happy riding. Again, thank you for all you have done. You have enriched many lives and done much good. Best Regards, Steve Johnson

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Reader's favorite pics are vintage images of when we were young, our girlfriends were "sweet young things" and our dogs were pups. Thanks Craig.

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