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Vetter equipped in 1978 (my favorite Vetter pics are the old ones)
Greetings Mr. Vetter: This, sadly, is the only photo I have of a much loved Honda CX500 circa 1978 with full Vetter fairing, lowers, and panniers.  I'm afraid I have no registration numbers of any kind.  My boyfriend of the time (in the photo) and I drove all the way to London to buy the full Windjammer collection and were heartbroken when told that the CX was the only bike on the planet you couldn't fit the topbox to.. We did many, many kilometers in England and thoughout Europe on that bike - happy days.  Your collection is excellent.  Thank you; for a wonderful product and wonderful memories.

All the very best, Lyn Soussi Sydney, Australia

Craig says: Thank you, Lyn. The CX really is an under-rated motorcycle. It is one of my favorites (below on this page). There was no reason you could not install a Tail Trunk... I notice that the bottom of your Lowers is trimmed to clear your feet. I had forgotton that.

hi , carol: foto von my honda cx 500 am 1981 by , by nicolas
Hi Carol: Sometime back, I wrote to you guys looking for some help with a windshield and a mount for a Quicksilver.  Briefly, I found a NOS Quicksilver that I'm using in a piece-together restoration of a 1981 Honda GL500 SilverWing.  Well, I finally found all the mount parts, ordered a windshield from you guys and have everything installed on the bike.  Attached is a "before paint" picture.  I had originally thought I'd paint everything.  But the white finish and pin striping on the Quicksilver is so nice, I think I'm going to paint everything else to match the fairing.  This is just a super riding little bike!  And, riding behind the Quicksilver makes it a real pleasure!  Next time, I'll send an "after paint" photo of the finished project.
Best Wishes!. John S. Moore
John's pretty 1981 Vetter-ized CX500
Watch for updated pictures of this bike. It belongs to Tony Bove who has voluntered to apply and test the first set of Genuine Reissued Graphics.

This makes Tony a "Test Striper" which, I suppose, is something like a "Test Rider".

Vetter Floating Mount Saddlebags # 29-76611 from Luxembourg

A very handsome display of Vetter Design Luggage from Jean-Claude Hirtz

Matt Ticar again: I currently have a 1978 Yamaha XS1100E and just picked up a Windjammer IV with the lowers for it.

Got the fairing on and I luv it! I had a little slipstreamer windshield on it but the Windjammer is much better. All I have left to do is put the lowers on and the hardbags and I'll be ready for the cold weather riding season here in the Great Lakes. LOL Matt

Dear Mr Vetter
 I recently bought a Honda CX500 '78, a bit of a fixer-upper, but I like the bike very much and the price was right. Along with the bike came a big fairing that at first looked too large and strange to my liking, especially because there was no luggage at the rear to even out the profile. I also expected every passing big rig would make me wobble. I thought I'd get rid of the fairing. I emailed my California-friend a photo of the bike and he said "that's a Windjammer V with lowers, I had one of those when I   bought a new CB750 in the seventies. You'll love the aerodynamics".
Windjammer 5 #63-145405 in Finland
Now, the weather conditions out here in Finland are not that  encouraging for motorcyclists and it was almost zero degrees  Celsius accompanied with light showers when I first had the  chance to ride my CX for few hundred kilometers before the winter. I must confess my friend was right - the fairing is unbelieveably comfortable and quiet, compared to a BMW R100RS I had the chance to  try out recently. I am impressed. I will keep it.

You know, I used to be a guitar-maker/repairman in the 90's, so I can relate to those craftsman/handmade prototype times you described.

Now that I read a bit more of your Windjammer history, I feel start to really appreciate the fairing that at first I was going to take off the bike. I think I'm moving into the fan-category :-)

Pasi Salomaki

There's one thing though: I don't have the key for the locked storage space on the right-hand side. Don't want to break in unless I have to.
 Any suggestions?  

Vetter replies: The Honda CX was one of my favorite motorcycle, too, Pasi. Regarding the keys, this is a problem we are addressing. The original locks and keys are no longer available. We will be modifying contemporary units to work.

Me and my CX in 1978
EBAY fresh Windjammer III 09-96129 and Lowers 13-13969

Carol: My 3rd Vetter faring arrived last night. I got it off eBay. Its a Vetter III with Lowers and Cycle Sound with CD. This is going on my 1974 Suzuki GT 750 Waterbuffalo.  Have a good day and good luck with Craig's book. Charles Bonnett

Craig comments: Those lowers are for a Honda GL or BMW. They will be a little short on your Suzuki. I always liked those stripes of the Windjammer III.

Two bikes: Same Windjammer 4
Here are two of my motorcycles from the past. A 1978 Kawasaki KZ650 and a 1981 Suzuki GS1000G, both with the same Vetter fairing attached. I think it was a Windjammer 4 purchased in the spring of 1980. The fairing was too much for the KZ650, so naturally I had to get a bigger bike to put it on. It made perfect sense at the time.

I rode the Suzuki year round in Maryland in all weather for 12 years, until fatherhood overtook riding. I had to repair a large crack in the dash area after a car skidded on the ice, jumped a curb and knocked he bike over - while parked. Otherwise, the fairing took all the abuse, falls and spills without complaint or failure.

The bikes are long gone but I have these photos to remind me of them. And the fairing that I just had to have, the one that outclassed everything that came before it. John Bales

And finally: The most asked question...
"How do I change my headlight?"
I have a 1981 GoldWing with a Windjammer IV fairing I LOVE IT!!
As a matter of fact, I like the design of your fairing far above any other faring I have seen on a GoldWing and I get so many compliments!

Anyway, the high beam of the headlight has blown and I am afraid I am on borrowed time for the low beam. I have bought a replacement lamp, but I cannot figure out how to change it. I don't want to break anything and don't want to spend an lot of time working in a place
I don't need to be working. At the same time, I have not been able to find any documentation that tells me how to change the bulb.

Can you help me? Thank you so much,--Dan Morgan

Windjammer 4, #37-547369
"I always thought our headlight assembly was one of our most clever designs. But it is not obvioushow it works. The ring unscrews like a jar lid. But first, you must depress a little "lock tab". Simple."
By the way, there are a lot of tidbits like this in "Frequently Asked Questions"
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