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Posted Oct 23, 09

463,000 Miles on this BMW and Windjammer III

I bought the 1976 R60/6 new and its been my only bike for the past 31 years and 463,000 miles. The Windjammer was bought new in 1977. Thanks for making a product that is still superior over three decades after it was installed.

Ride safely Joel Rappoport

Here is Ted Kieper's Windjammer 5 again from Page 13. Did you know that he rescued this fairing from the junkyard? Does this make you want to go riding?

If you look closely, you will see a very different mounting bracket. Take a look at Ted's unique mount. It will inspire you.

Windjammer V 63-107181
I'am a French winger,
I send you some pics of my Goldwing taken in England and during the"24 hours of Le Mans" in 1981!

Congratulations for your web site and all your products!

This is my dear friend, Chuck Elliot on one of the first Honda 750s and probably the first Vetter Phantom 4 fairing. Chuck was a mechanic at Rogers Chevrolet in Rantoul, Illinois, where my factory was located.

Chuck was a funny man. He loved his 4 strokes. I loved my 2 strokes. We would race... me on my Suzuki 500, Chuck on his Honda 750.

When I would win, I would kid him about how I won by “Two Strokes” (a popular golfing term.)

Chuck died that winter when he skidded on ice in his Corvette.

It was a shock to us all. We really missed him.

Craig Vetter

1970, Chuck Elliot with his Vetter Phantom 4 Fairing
1978 Vetter - GL... The way it was. 

 "Very cool fairing by the way, I’ve been following your progress." William Wallen

After 30 years, one of the clips that holds one of William's saddlebags broke. We suggest that you inspect yours. Just remove the saddlebag and see if the stainless steel "hairpin" is still a hairpin. If one leg is cracked, the saddlebag won't be secure.

We make replacement easy with our Saddlebag Spring Clip Kits

Vindicator in Israel

Hi there Carol,
Hope all is well with you guys. I finally have some pictures of my CX500 with the fairing. I still have some work to do but it's starting to take form. It was a very easy choice once I decided to add a fairing... only a Vetter.

BTW, the bike was painted by an award winning Israeli bike painter named Erez Dror.
Hope you like the pics.

The Vetter Vindicator was a Windjammer SS without the Leading Edge Lights
2010, Jan 17- Hi there Carol,
It must be at least 2 years since I sent in the (above) picture and the bike has been through a lot.
I am attaching some MUCH better pictures of the bike that does the beutiful fairing way more justice.
I also have recently aquired another Vetter fairing. a Windjammer III NOS still in the box with all the mounting hardware stamped May 1975.
Now I just need a bike to fit it on :-)
Hope all is well.
Regards, Ron from Israel.

Carol says "Wow"

Craig: I'ts been a long tedious process rounding up, reconditioning and fitting all needed parts. Your trim and assorted mountings etc. worked well. The lids were pretty rough. After several failed attempts at low budget Bondo, sanding, priming and painting I found Rustoleum "hammered" paint that covered the dings resulting from years of neglect and rough use, and has a look not greatly diferent from the bags textured look. The 34 year old timer draws a lot of "thumbs up"
Cliff Thomas
Posted Oct 23, 09

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I am compiling information for the "Little Windjammer Book" as well as these Owner's Web Pages. Please send me your pictures and stories. Include the serial numbers of the Vetter Fairings and Luggage.

Reader's favorite pics are vintage images of when we were young, our girlfriends were "sweet young things" and our dogs were pups. Thanks Craig.

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