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Posted Oct 20, 2009

An old Illinois scrambles buddy, Ted Kieper on his Vetter - equipped Suzuki
That's my Suz GS750 in the picture. I used to race scrambles at Champaign-Urbana regularly. It was always a great time. The people were always so friendly. Peoria was always fun as well. I did jump shows in Illinois as well. I was the only guy I know of that raced bikes and cars at Santa Fe and I did it in the same year.
1970 Scrambles racing, Fisher, Illinois-style

Thats your fairing designer, 3rd from right on my Van Tech framed, GYT-Kitted, Yamaha YA6 with a Kendick pumper carb. Does anybody have any idea of what I just described? Ted probably raced here too. I am sure I saw him race at Santa Fe Speedway because we used to ride up there from Rantoul, Illinois.

Ted Kieper responds: "I think that is where I raced. I remember the club members asking me to stop doing wheelies in the race (which I loved doing) as a young newlywed had killed himself doing a wheelie after hitting a tree not long before that. Those Bridgestone's ran good until they seized. The 175 twins were fast. I put a lot of pistons in them."

Congratulations on being a true motorcycle celebrity and thank you for all of your considerable contributions to motorcycling in general.


Ted Kieper

Mr Vetter,
Here is a picture of my Boulevard. The saddlebags and trunk I made...covered with aluminum flashing, If you could be so kind as to photo shop a Windjammer, thanks. The odd thing about this bike, is the tank is 18" at it's widest point.... but it only holds 4 gallons. Guess I'll purchase an aux tank and mount it somewhere for the longer rides I can take without stopping to refuel. Jeff Jacobs
I love guys who do things like this. Look at what he did next:
Good news..kind of. A bud gave me a Quicksilver. After much measuring,I'm in the process of adding 4" to each side. The tank on the bike is 22'' wide, and the forks travel on a 9' radius. This may work. it's a summer project anyway, so when I attempt to fit this, it should be fine, If not,i will proceed with step two. I'll get you photos and sizes for scale as soon as I get to that point. I'll tell you this, I do quite a bit of designing scale model railroad locos, and slot car bodies , along with some sculpturing/carving, but after working on this and reading your history, I think I'll stick to the miniature stuff( I can sit and work under a magnifier). This old guy is getting tired earlier in the evening. Is there a possibility you ever would create another fairing design for all these cruisers or would that be cost prohibitive? If you do, put me down for one of them.
Later... Jeff Jacobs, Maryland

Craig says: I never would have believed a Quicksilver fairing could be widened like this. But here is the proof. Jeff is fearless! Regarding a new fairing for today's giant motorcycles... I am thinking about it. Somebody stop me...

Here are a couple of interesting fairings I thought you'd like to see:
Not my design but a late 1960s Butler fairing from England on a 1969 BSA Rocket III
This is a nice note from an old buddy, Doug Gregg, from the University of Illinois. I will never forget seeing him and his bike for the first time at a gas station (the Butler fairing above and the Avon fairing farther on were imported in the late 60s. They were too narrow for American handlebars and the windshields were too low. I think Doug has modified his windshield to be higher:

"Craig: We met in Champaign, IL back in about 1970. I had a red BSA Mark II with a Butler full fairing that I had re-engineered. I was the only person in town with a fairing other than you and your guys at the time.

By the way, my regular ride these days is a 1971 BMW R75/5 with a Windjammer III on it. I love it.

Your original full fairing was a very good design. Why did you discontinue it? Was it too hard to adapt to various bikes?" Doug Gregg

To answer Doug's question about why I discontinued the Phantom Fairings I was making of the time: They were great fairings. But, they were so specialized that dealers could not stock them all. That made them bad products. I needed to design one fairing that would fit all motorcycles. And I did: The Windjammer.

The other English fairing import of the 60s:
Scottie Opperman's 1966 BMW with an Avon fairing
Scottie worked for my brother, Bruce, making tonneau covers for Windjammers.

"Hi Craig, Dont know if you remember me, I worked for Bruce in the early 70's.  Anyway I have been riding my 1966 /2 bmw with an Avonaire for a while now and have had the desire for something newer.

Yesterday I bought a 1972 R75 BMW and I also found for sale what looks like from your website a series 2000 with straight bottom windshield for a BMW. The question is do you know if it will fit my 1972 R75/5? I like the  way they look and it would be great to have it on the R75.  Also do you remember how they mounted as this one is missing the hardware.  Thanks for your time and I hope you and your family are well." Scottie

Where do they find these 40 year old Vetter Fairings? I think that only 25 or so of these Series 2000 fairings were ever made! The bad news is that the Series 2500 replaced this model because the new US forks were too wide to fit. Scottie will have to trade this for the newer 2500 or, buy one outright.

Mounting instructions? I believe I have them and will look. For 25 fairings made, I assumed nobody had one anymore.

Nicky and a 40 year old Vetter Series 2000 Fairing
Send me an E-mail if you have the newer Series 2500 and I will let Scottie know. I'd like to have this one for my museum. We will do some kind of deal.
And yet another Vetter Series 2500 Fairing
Bob writes: "Craig, look at this fairing and let me know if it is one of your first fairings. The BMW is a 1969, so I know it could be a Vetter fairing from the old days. I want to advertise this bike saying it is an original Vetter, if that is what it is. I have never seen one of your fairings with the two six pack pockets. Say high to Carol, and I hope all is well in California." Bob Odell

Bob: This is indeed my Series 2500 Phantom fairing and very pretty at that with its paint job. It is mounted about 3" higher than it was with Vetter mounts. The owner probably wanted a higher windshield and simply raised the whole fairing. That is why there is such a gap between the cylinders and the fairing.

These first Phantom fairings were great fairings! The Series 2500 is very rare. We made only a hundred or so before the Windjammer took over.

For you enthisiasts... Mr. Odell owns Mystery Ship #5.

And one more...
Craig: "The S2500 was on my 1954 BMW when I bought it in 1980. I believe the fairing was installed by a fellow named Roger Lovin of New Orleans. I'm sorry to say I sold the fairing in 1983 to a fellow named Ralph Keyes. I had adapted the S2500 to an R60/5 and toured the United States on it. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I wish I had kept the S 2500! Please feel free to use the photo I sent you. I'll try and find a photo of my 60/5 with the fairing mounted." Michael Wright, NSW

Thank you, Michael. I find it absolutely amazing that so mane of these old Vetter fairings are still around!

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